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Steps You Should Know Before Working with Creative Staffing Agencies

A creative staffing agency specializes in placing creative professionals on freelance gigs, temporary projects, or permanent assignments. Recently, it has become popular with both employers and creative professionals. When you associate with such an agency, it helps you build a portfolio and connect with top brands. They work with experienced and knowledgeable people to provide creative, out-of-the-box problem-solving solutions in no time without facing any hassles.

If you are looking out to work with a staffing agency, you should keep in mind the following steps to make the most of your connection with a creative staffing agency.

Compile A Resume and Portfolio

Firstly, before working with creative staffing agencies, make sure to create an appealing resume and portfolio. A resume of a candidate provides the potential employer information on basic job skills and experience. It only helps to showcase one’s interpretation and evaluation of those skills.

To hire a candidate, it becomes essential for the recruiter or hiring manager to get an idea of the candidate’s creative position. Therefore, producing a sample of the actual work done is essential. You need to assemble a portfolio that will include your best works explaining why you feel it to be your best work. Make sure always to add the information related to any work you include in the portfolio.

Prepare For an Interview

Although several freelance gigs and contract positions can be remotely based, the agency needs to look at your skills. The recruiter will always expect to conduct a pre-screening interview.

A pre-screening is extremely important to verify the information included on the resume and check any requirements as far as a background check or drug screen. However, the actual purpose of a pre-screen interview is to understand the candidate’s personality,which can be as important to a positive working relationship as skills and experience.

Prepare a Range of Acceptable Compensation

Next, one must know the value of their work. You need to have complete research on regular compensation for the type of job that you are seeking. You have to look online, speak with peers, and use prior experience to create a compensation range. It might help to accept for a certain type of job. Certain creative jobs allow to pay a flat fee for the completed work; however,others pay by the hour or on a retainer.

On the other hand, a recruiter can also let you know if your expected compensation is in line with the type of work available in your region. You must not hesitate to discuss your salary in a job interview with a recruiter.

Leverage Your Network

Any person you meet, both in the creative staffing and while on assignment, can be a valuable resource for finding any future work. Some of the people you meet, like recruiters, can help you by connecting you directly with new jobs. Moreover, your co-workers, even short-term, can also be an important part of your life as they might also help provide you jobs by referring in the future.

Any recruiters will look for candidates who are professional, responsible, diligent, productive, and reliable. This makes you look good and the recruiter, which both the recruiter and employer will appreciate.

Understand the Details

In considering a new assignment, no matter if it is a short- or long-term project, it is important for you to understand the details and to be specific with the recruiter on your preferences. It doesnot do you or the recruiter any good to say you are open to a short-term contract to hire position when looking for a permanent position.

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