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Signs That Your Friends Do Not Respect You

Signs That Your Friends Do Not Respect You

Friends are the spice of our lives. All of us in our lives definitely have that one set of loyal friends whom we most often hang out with or even share the darkest of our fears. A “friendship” blossoms into a beautiful relationship when it is nurtured from both ends and there is mutual respect, trust, and association.  

However, we have to take into consideration that a friendship is fruitful only when there is an equal partnership between both parties. When there is a disbalance in this equilibrium, there emerges a blast of negative emotions and the sanctity of friendship slowly wears away. 

Trust and Respect are major pillars of any relationship and it is all the more important in a friendship.  When two friends respect each other, the relationship automatically becomes more inclusive and blooms into a very beautiful picture. 

But what do we do when we feel that we are not wanted in that friendship? Or how do we deduce that I am losing my respect in the friendship? Well, every friendship is different but some of the major bummers remain mostly constant throughout.

  • They Deliberately Upset You

As human beings, it is very often plausible that we might upset someone unknowingly with our actions or words. But what is civil is to explain to them the reason behind this action and also to see an apology if we were wrong. 

But most often friends who do not respect you will try to make you feel bad deliberately. They will bring up topics or instances that will upset you and hence will play a ruckus with your emotions.

  • Being Mean Behind Your Back

One of the primary codes of friendship is to maintain loyalty and exhibit trust even when a friend is not around. 

If your friend goes behind your back and spreads rumors, complains about you, or even does not defend you when you are not around, it clearly implies that you should walk off from that friendship as there is no respect left.

  • Deciding On Every Plan According to Their Own Will

Now, there is a fine line between taking initiative and being a dictator. If they always choose the whereabouts of your meeting or only meet when they have time to spare then it’s a clear red signal. 

It may also sometimes feel like they are a friend only because it is convenient for them to do that at the moment and in reality, they don’t have a sense of respect or value.

  • They Humiliate You In Public

Now as a ritual, most of us have made fun of our friends at some point in our lives. But this becomes a problem when the other person keeps on poking on weak points and makes fun of them. 

Every person has some or the other weakness and making a mockery out of it in front of other people shows not only a lack of respect but also sensitivity.

  • They Are Jealous Of Your Success 

Being a little envious of your friends is actually pretty common in every friendship. However, problems start to arise when one stops supporting and celebrating your success. This is one of the key signs of a friend being disrespectful to you. 

If they cannot acknowledge the fact that you have worked hard enough and earned your worth then it’s high time that you introspect the nature of that friendship.

Friends are no doubt a very important dimension of our everyday lives. We most often rely on their shoulders on days when we feel the most vulnerable. 

However when these friends exhibit characteristics as discussed above or even something that makes you feel “little” or not wanted then you should rethink the nature of the friendship. 

After all, we all know that there has been a juncture in our lives when we have felt unwanted in a relationship, and that is definitely a feeling that most of us wouldn’t want to feel. 

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