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Rules Need to Follow to Situate Lord Ganesha Idol in Your Home

Rules Need to Follow to Situate Lord Ganesha Idol in Your Home

Statue Of Lord Ganesha

The sculpture and statue of Lord Ganesha should be there in each home. Without worshipping Lord Ganesha no positive work is started as per Hindu mythology and Vedic scriptures. There are many stipulations with admiration for his Idol and statues. The Idol of Lord Ganesha positioned in the directions of East or North of the home, if possible in the North-East corner of the home. The North-East corner is the most excellent area to construct a place of worship at home. Lord Ganesha protector of the home. The Idol of Lord Ganesha is forever kept with Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Saraswati. A colorless, white Idol of Lord Ganesha is favored to bring joy and peace to the home. The trunk of Lord Ganesha in his Lord must be on his left side while having their lady or sweets.

Ganesha is the lord of prosperity and wealth, good luck, and accomplishment. What most people miss is that locating Ganesha’s statue in the right situation makes a difference. These Vastu tips can assist you with the installing Ganesha statue in the right way.

Did you follow the position of Ganesha Idol in the correct way? If not do so, everybody should remember that an idol of Ganesha should position at your home main door in pairs always since it brings prosperity, wealth, knowledge, and bless you with the kind of work.

Ganesha idol, facing towards the left is recognized as Vastu Ganesha which resolves most of our vast associated troubles. Each of us should appreciate our customs and traditions while placing Ganesha in the direction of the evil spirit outside a home. Always place Ganesha in pair first on the top of your entrance inside and second at the top of your entrance outside. These idols must be in the same positions inside and outside.

Position a Ganesha Idol

You can keep the Ganesha statue in a lot of ways in your house or office room. One of them is the placement of the Ganesha statue just conflicting to the entrance of your home as I mentioned above. Yes, the most excellent manner is to keep Ganesha idols in pair facing diverse sides and make encouraging, never to put a picture facing further room with its repeal. It’s recommended to buy a white Ganesha statue from a genuine Indian sculpture artist at a reasonable price for Pooja or home. Always by Sculptures from a sculpture artist who makes only god and goddess sculptures because they are expert in Vastu Shastra and know how to craft a sculpture with correct Vastu design. You can buy a marble Ganesha statue from

Always purchase a Ganesha Idol facing trunk on a left side as I mentioned above as it is really important to take care because that with the right side facing truck wants more care, attention to keep it in your house that why those statues and Idols find only in temples.

Right Placement Of Vastu Ganesha To Alleviate Financial Associated Problems

White Ganesha

White Ganesha is supposed to draw more wealth, joy and prosperity. Even pasting a photo can do wonders. Conversely, remember that the back of the lord faces the exterior of the home.

Best Direction

Ganesha Idol is supposed to be located in the directions on the North-East corner if possible or in the directions of north or east of the home. Northeast corner of the home is the most excellent place to install your Ganesha idol. If the northeast is occupied, then put an idol in a way that you face north or east while worshiping prayers.

No South

They say, never place Ganesha in a southern way. Moreover, it should be ensured the statue is nowhere close to toilet washrooms or across a wall that is close to the toilet or bathroom.

No Bedroom

It is recommended to not put idols in bedrooms. In case, you would desire to, then keep it in the northeast direction. Also, as per Vastu, feet should not face the statue.

Types of Idol You should Keep

Lord Ganesha Idol and statue crafted of Peepal, Neem, mango trees are supposed to draw good luck and encouraging vibes. Vastu experts believe idols and statues prepared of cow dung the luckiest to get rid of sorrow and draw good vibes. Also, crystal statues are supposed to remove all Vastu Doshas and thus altering life instantly. Turmeric idols, conversely, are measured the extremely favorable ones.

Best Offering A little bowl of rice, placed in front of Lord Ganesha is a huge contribution. It is recommended to keep an idol on a raised proposal.

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