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Mattress Pad

Reasons to Use a Mattress Pad

A night of good sleep is the key to a healthy mind and body. A comfortable sleep gives your day a fresh and energetic start. A right mattress offers a peaceful sleep. A variety of mattresses are sold in the market in varied price ranges. After investing in the right mattress, it is an excellent idea to protect it. Mattress pads ensure that your mattress stays in a good position for years. Mattress pads prevent mattress damage from stains and fluid spills. They save your mattress from wear and tear due to prolonged use. The mattress pads provide an additional layer of comfort between you and your mattress. These can easily be bought from any seller of medical equipment online.

Mattress pads are the most useful sleeping aids, yet their use is often discarded. They are considered as just another bedding item. They are used not for one but for many purposes. They save your mattress from damage, add an extra layer to the mattress, and offer a soft and cushioned feel.  They also keep the bedsheets in place. Mattress pads are available in various categories and a wide range of styles. Each type of mattress pad is constructed to deliver a specific result.

You always try to purchase the best mattress for your rooms and spend a fair amount of time and money buying quality linens. But, this is not enough; it is crucial to invest in the right mattress pad for a perfect sleeping experience. They provide additional comfort to your bedding. Always prefer to buy your mattress pad from a seller of online medical products. The online websites offer great choices, and you could avail of your mattress pads at an affordable price.

Know about a mattress pad:

Mattress pad adds an extra layer between the mattress and the sheet on a bed. It is a fabric cover attached to the upper part of your mattress with straps, etc., to prevent it from slipping away. A fitted sheet is laid over the mattress pad such that the mattress pad comes between the mattress and sheet.

Usually, mattress pads provide a comfortable bed and offer protection against spills and stains. Waterproof mattress pads prevent mattress damage from massive spills like a drink, water, etc. On the other hand, mattress pads with memory foams, add-in extra support to your bed. You can also control the temperature of a mattress by using electric mattresses. They offer you the comfort of adjusting the mattress temperature, as per your convenience. These temperature-controlled mattresses are beneficial for patients on bed rest and can be bought from websites selling online medical products or offline stores.

Working of a mattress pad:

A correctly fitted mattress pad provides ultimate comfort and adds a layer to your bedding. It is similar to a bedsheet that perfectly fits over the top of your mattress and covers all the mattress sides. The mattress pad is lightly padded on the upper part. It is quilted lightly over the top side. Almost all the mattress pads fit perfectly over most of the standard-sized mattresses available in the market. The mattress pads come with the guarantee to fit perfectly on top of even the deepest mattress. Mattresses up to the depth of 24 inches are covered evenly with the mattress pads’ flexible sides.

Does a mattress pad provide the said comfort?

All the types of mattress pads add an extra layer of comfort between the sheets and the mattress.  Many variants of mattress pads are available, and all work differently to deliver different results. For instance, you can opt for featherbeds or fiberfill type mattress pads, which provide a soft and cushioned experience.

 Another revolutionary category of mattress pads is the egg-crate or convoluted type, foam pads, and dimpled. These pads ensure even distribution of your body weight while you sleep.

The memory foam pads are viscoelastic mattress pads and designed to provide ultimate comfort to you while sleeping. These are the best pads as they adjust according to your body shape and temperature, and you get a comfortable sleeping experience.

 The electric or heated mattress pads are one of a kind. You can adjust the temperature according to your convenience. They have different zones for heating and provide additional warmth and comfort to your body.

These types of mattress pads ensure a comfortable sleep and provide a soft finish to your bedding.

Are mattress pads designed to give the only comfort?

Several mattress pads are manufactured to cover up the upper portion of your mattress and provide no cover for the mattress’s sides. They are made with vinyl, cotton, or other fabrics. Waterproof mattress pads are also available and protect from fluid leakage. Some mattress pads protect the mattress from dust mites and allergens. These pads increase your mattress’s life and prevent damage from wear and tear due to regular use.

The material used for making mattress pads:

Mattress pads come in a wide range and are made with different materials to fulfill specific purposes. They are made from cotton, polyester, vinyl, wool, fiberfill, etc. Rubber and plastic are also used to make waterproof pads. Thus, a different material is used to manufacture a different kind of mattress pad.

Uses of mattress pads:

Mattress pads protect your mattress and are useful in several ways mentioned below:-

·        Protection against dirt

·        Prevents wear and tear

·        Protection from dust mites and bacteria

·        Prevents skin and hair oil seepage

·        An additional layer of comfort

·        Waterproof

·        Added protection against fluid spills

·        Easy to clean

·        Less frequent cleaning sessions

·        Added support to the body

·        Temperature control

·        Adjusted according to body shape and weight

·        Provide softness

·        Highly useful for small children

·        Used by adults with medical issues

·        Prevents spoilage from urine and bloodstains

Bed mattresses ought to be comfortable. Ironically, mattresses are often made with a rough material that may affect you adversely. In such a case, you need a right mattress pad to save you from stiff back and uneasiness of an uneven mattress. Mattress pads come in different variations and are designed with various construction styles. They may be foam toppers, simple pads, featherbeds, quilted toppers, etc.

The mattress protectors or pads come in two variants based on backing membrane type. One is a breathable type, while the other is non-breathable. The latter provides warmth to the mattress by preventing the air-flow. Usually, the mattress pads, which are quilted and triple-layered, offer more comfort.

Take a look at different layers and construction of a right mattress pad:-

·        The topmost layer of the mattress pad is cotton or any soft and absorbent fiber.

·        The mid-layer is batting or fill and is made with a variety of materials. Silk, cotton, wool, polyester, etc., are used in the middle layer. This layer evens the tuft and contorted surface of the mattress pad.

·        The lower layer of mattress pads is made to rest on the upper portion of your mattress.

Usually, the mattress pads’ sides are attached to an elasticated frill, which is tucked under the mattress to protect the mattress from all sides.

Alternatively, elasticated straps are attached to the mattress pads, which prevent mattress pads from slipping away and keep them perfectly in place.

The low-cost mattress pads often come without any attachments. They are just laid onto the upper part of your mattress. These variants are either quilted or felt pads. This type provides lesser protection against spoilage and slips more often.


The mattress protectors/ pads provide a layer between your body and the mattress. Mattress pads restrict moisture and prevent bacterial growth on the mattress. They make the cleaning of stains easier. The mattress pads prevent allergens from developing and keep away dust mites. They save you from skin rashes and allergy during sleep.

Buying a mattress pad proves to be a wise investment in the long run. It is preferable to purchase a mattress pad from a dealer of medical equipment online. Online websites offer great deals, and you can save a lot of money on your purchase.

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