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How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

You must be thinking that PUBG mobile is a game designed to play on the mobile but how can you play it on the PC? Don’t worry we will tell you how you can do that. But here you need to know about certain things before we start.

Let’s divide the topic so that it becomes easy for you to understand and follow so that you can play PUBG mobile on your PC.

What are the System Requirements?

To play PUBG mobile games on your PC, you’ll need the following hardware and software configuration on your PC

  • Processor:

Your PC should have an Intel Core i3  2.2 GHz processor or something above that.

  • RAM:

A minimum of 4 GB RAM is required due to the high-end graphics, and for the animations to work smoothly.

  • Operating System

Anything above Windows 7 operating system with 64-bit architecture.

  • Graphics card

Intel HD Graphics 4000 – AMD and Nvidia graphics card. You need to install the card on your PC to play your favourite game with accurate animations and motion graphics.

  • OpenGL         

4.0 – 5.1

  • Net Connectivity

A stable wifi connection with a minimum speed of 2 Mbps.

  • Disk space

A minimum of 4 GB of storage space required to play this game on your PC.

Game Loop for PC

Game Loop is an emulator and because of this, it becomes easy to play PUBG mobile on your PC. Gameloop is developed by Tencent company for PCs. The download option is available at the official website which has a 9MB installer that you need to install on your PC.

All you need is an internet connection for this and once you install it then an option pops up to install PUBG mobile in the lobby of the Game Loop. Once you install it your game runs automatically.

How Will You Manage to Play PUBG Mobile On Your PC?

First, you need to search for Game Loop on google and then open the website then download PUBG mobile installer. After you install it then go for Game Loop setup then download PUBG mobile in Game Loop engine.

Once you follow these steps, you complete installing PUBG mobile game on PC in the emulator.

Game Loop Settings

Now you need to correct the settings of the Game Loop for your PC. Then we will also discuss the in-game settings and as soon as you complete these your game will run very smoothly.

So let’s start.

Emulator Engine Specifications

The Emulator Engine has these following sectors namely-

  • The Rendering panel
  • The OpenGL panel
  • The DirectX panel
  • The OpenGL+ panel
  • The DirectX+  panel
  • The Smart mode panel

To play PUBG on Your PC, you’ll need to configure the Emulator settings as the following:

  • Perform rendering the cache
  • Enforce global render cache
  • Prioritize dedicated GPU
  • Optimize rendering

Check out the following system specifications for the Emulator Engine

  • Anti-alias

The anti-alias should be on a “Close” state

  • Memory

A minimum of 4 GB RAM is required

  • Processor

Set processor to “Auto” mode

  • Resolution

Set the resolution to 1920×1080 pixels

  • DPI

Set it to 160 (120-480)

  • Sound

The speakers attached to your PC

  • Recording Device

Microphone Once you optimize the settings of the PUBG mobile game in Game Loop then you can enjoy the game.

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