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Micromax Company Belongs To Which Country

Micromax Company Belongs To Which Country? What Is Micromax Origin Country?

Guess you are here because you have planned to purchase a Micromax mobile phone. With a wide variety of options being available in today’s era, it becomes quite difficult for a buyer to purchase the right product. 

Besides that, there are also multiple questions that come to the mind of the buyer like Micromax belongs to which country? 

Or who owns Micromax? And so on. However to make things easier for you, here is every information offered in detail. 

This will not just help you to make the right decision but will also help you to clear your doubts regarding questions like  Micromax belongs to which country?  Which nation does Micromax belong to? And more. 

Basically, Micromax Informatics ( MMX) is an Indian multinational electronic company which is based in Gurugram, India. The company is well known for making products like smartphones, laptops, home appliances and more. 

It was founded back in 2000 in the month of March as an IT software company that specialized in embedded devices. 

Later in 2008, it entered the business of mobile handsets which then became India’s largest manufacturers of low-cost feature phones. 

Soon by the year 2014, this brand became the tenth largest smartphone vendor in the whole world. In the years since the company has faced stiff competition from Chinese firms that have begun to enter the Indian market. 

YU televentures sells products under the name of the brand name YU is also owned by the company.  

The company was founded by Rahul Sharma and Rohit Patel as Micromax informatics ltd. In the year 2000. 

After this, the brand started to sell mobile phones in the year of 2008 with a vision to democratize the technology so that it can give tough competition to others internationally. At the next level, the company started to manufacture handsets with novel features. 

The idea came to the mind of the co-founder of Micromax Rahul Sharma when he once witnessed a public call centre being powered by a truck battery due to frequent power outages in the area. 

As a result, he decided to feature a phone that comes with long battery life. However, this became Micromax company’s first phone with a long battery backup. 

Which country does Micromax belong to?

If you are thinking Micromax company belongs to which country? Then know that it belongs to India. It is a major smartphone manufacturer in India with a large retail presence and also a consumer electronics company which is based in Gurugram, India. 

Other than that, Micromax has its stake at YU Televentures which is an Indian consumer electronics brand established in the year of 2014. 

Currently, the company is looking forward to making investments in MSME to build up the electronics ecosystem of the country. But for the past two years, Micromax has been out of the business of making smartphones. 

With the recent launch, the company is now looking forward to competing with the entry-level segment and also creating a presence in the above price segment. 

Besides that, it is important to know that Micromax was a leading brand in the Indian market until the Chinese brands entered and gave it tough competition. 

However, that’s when Micromax started to lose its grounds. But again the company has come back and decided to compete globally on international grounds. 

Thus, again the question arises: Micromax company belongs to which country? Or which country does Micromax belong to? 

Are the Micromax smartphones made in China? 

The short answer to this question “is Micromax a Chinese brand?” Is No. Micromax is not a Chinese brand but an Indian brand that was founded back in the year of 2000. Earlier the name of the brand was Micromax informatics Ltd. 

The co-founder of this brand was Rahul Sharma who started a joint venture with Mr Devdas and Mr Rohit Patel. 

Again to inform you, the company was started as an IT firm and then it entered the smartphone industry in 2008. However, the company is totally an Indian one and has no connections with China. 

On the other hand, the conflict between India and China has resulted in benefits for the Micromax brand. It might lead to the immense success of Micromax as people are looking forward to boycotting the Chinese brands. 

Besides these, Micromax also collaborated with Flipkart to sell their smartphones and now the company also owns an e-commerce platform named 

Does Micromax import phones from China? 

As said earlier, Micromax does not import any smartphones from China. It has no connections with the country besides just importing certain parts. Micromax has its own assembling and testing facilities planted in India.

 All they do is import parts from China because it is Asia’s largest manufacturing hub and also closely located in India. 

Moreover, it is seen that these parts are not manufactured in India and the majority of the devices are manufactured in China only. But they have assembled anywhere in the world.

Micromax manufacturing in India 

Some of the examples of electronic devices include mobile phones, LED TVs, LED lights, tablets and more. 

On the other hand, the government has decided to offer land to the Micromax brand so that they can build a centre where about 10 lakh devices can be manufactured every month. 

This would include smartphones, LED TVs, LED lights, tablets and more. Also, it is estimated that this would give an opportunity to more than 700 people to work. 

However, the company has its first plant established in Uttarakhand which has a capacity to manufacture 16 lakh devices every month.

The reason behind the failure of Micromax in India 

One of the biggest reasons that led to the failure of Micromax in India was it could not enter the 4G market at the appropriate time like the other brands. However, the company gained popularity because of many reasons. 

One of them was when the founder realized that there were a number of things that could not fulfil the desires of the users even though they were satisfying their basic needs. 

The founder wanted his company to be the one that understands the customers. Thus, by focusing on this the company became the one-stop shop for the mass innovation that satisfied the customers completely. 

This soon helped the brand to become the star of the decade. Nevertheless, they also signed Hugh Jackman as the brand ambassador of their company. 

Besides that, their advertisement initiatives starred actors like Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. The designs of the smartphones were inspired by Chinese companies like Vivo, Gionee, Oppo and others. 

Moreover, these companies identified the right time to enter the Indian market and did everything in their power to take the opportunity. 

Are the smartphones of Micromax made in India? 

Guess you have already discovered that Micromax company belongs to which country? 

Now another question that might arise in your mind is if the smartphones of Micromax are made in India? Well to let you know, the company manufactures its mobile phones in India only. To be more precise, the three of its manufacturing facilities are based in Bhiwadi, Rudrapur, and Telangana. 

The surface mount technology line is Bhiwadi which is already in operation and trial under the Rudrapur. Micromax will have a capacity of 30 lakh smartphones every month. 

Again in the month of April of 2014, Micromax started to produce LED televisions and tablets at Rudrapur, Uttarakhand. After this Micromax signed a memorandum of understanding between the Government of Rajasthan and Bhagwati production LTD in August in the year of 2015. Micromax was set to start a 500 crore manufacturing plant in the Rajasthan Alwar district. 

YU Televentures

YU Televentures was an Indian consumer electronics brand that was founded back in December 2014, by Cyanogen Inc and Micromax Informatics limited as a joint venture.

 In addition, YU has official Cyanogen OS rights in India. Moreover, Rahul Sharma being the co-founder of Micromax owns 99% of YU whereas the rest 1% is owned by the other co-founders Vikas Jain and Sumeet Arora.

Does Micromax company use Chinese parts in their Mobile phones or not?

People wondering whether Micromax belongs to which country also think if they use Chinese parts or not? 

Basically, to let you know, Micromax is an Indian company and a homegrown handset manufacturer which had a sub-brand known as “in” that was used as a strategy to come back to India. 

However, the brand plans to spend more than Rs 498 crores in R&D manufacturing in India to restart its comeback into the smartphone segment. 

The company is expected to launch its new line of smartphones under the “in” brand and have manufacturing facilities located at Bhiwadi and Hyderabad. Thus, the expectation of manufacturing mobile phones every month has risen up to 2 million. 

Micromax exited the market of smartphones as the Chinese brands gave it tough competition. But now the company is looking forward to building and growing in the smartphone ecosystem and giving tough competition to the others. 

Undoubtedly the brand and its products are close to the hearts of the young generations as it not just fulfils their needs but also desires.

Is Micromax still alive in the Market?

Micromax belongs to which country? Of Course India !! You know that until now. But is it still alive in the market? Micromax was once a dominant player in the market which is seen exiting the homegrown smartphone market. 

The future plans of the Micromax brand are still not revealed. However, this Indian company is eyeing a comeback in the smartphone segment while the demand for boycotting Chinese goods are increasing. 

Besides that, it is expected that Micromax will also benefit from the production linked incentive scheme. This scheme under the Indian government would be selecting five Indian companies and helping them to expand on a larger scale. Moreover, the PLI scheme has been set with an estimate of 40,000 crores. 

How much is the Net worth of Micromax in India? 

As per the sources, the net worth of Micromax is 4070 crores as of 2021. Being an Indian consumer of electronic brands, Micromax informatics has been a great source in democratizing the technology in India. 

It has been offering affordable innovations, removing barriers to large scale adoption of advanced technologies and more. 

No brainer, the brand is dear to the hearts of the youngsters of India as they cherish the vibrancy of life through it.

Who is the owner and CEO of the Micromax company? 

Micromax belongs to which country – was the most asked question in today’s time. 

But the second asked question is who is the founder of Micromax? Although to inform you, the founder and CEO of Micromax is Rahul Sharma. He and his partner Rohit Patel founded this brand in the year of 2000.

 Rahul is also known as a brilliant marketing architect who has earned a degree of Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan. He also has achieved the degree of Bachelor of Mechanical engineering from Rashtrashant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University. Other than this, Rahul also participated in the Owners President management OPM program at the prestigious Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.

 One of the biggest achievements of Rahul from Micromax was YU Televentures which was probably a joint venture between Micromax and Cyanogen Inc. 99% of the company is owned by Rahul whereas the rest 1% of it belongs to the Micromax co-founders named Sumeet and Vikas.

Wrapping it up… 

You already know that Micromax company belongs to which country? However, to be clear again, it belongs to India and is not rooted in China at all. 

It has a partnership with a multinational brand called Huawei as well. The brand failed in India because it could not enter the 4G market at the right time but is intending to come back again giving tough competition to the other brands. 

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