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Advantages of LPG Fuel

LPG is one of the most used fuel for cooking in homes and food businesses. Food businesses also use wood, electricity, and other fuels for cooking, but LPG is the most used among all the fuels available for cooking. LPG is the liquified petroleum gas which means it is produced from petroleum and then liquified to make it easy to store under pressure in gas barrels.

There are many other fuels like kerosene, wood, coal that were used in earlier times. Considering the convenience of LPG people use it for cooking in households. LPG is not only used for cooking, but also for heating purposes in industries and in vehicles for commuting.

Other than households, it is used by food businesses and industries for heating purposes. LPG offers many advantages over other fuels in terms of cost and efficiency. Let us explore all the advantages of LPG over other fuels.

Easy to transport

Easy to transport


LPG is stored in liquid form under pressure in gas barrels. However, to store the same amounts of other fuels like kerosene, petrol, wood or coal, large containers are required which are heavy and difficult to transport. LPG filled barrels are much easier to transport than other types of fuel. That is why LPG is popular over other fuels in homes and industries.

More control overheat

Cooking with gas has many advantages over other options, such as household appliances. Most important of these is total heat control – an appreciation made by amateur and professional chefs. Heat changes are instantaneous too, with no waiting for an element to heat up and cool down – you can go straight from a high flame to a simmer in seconds. More control to increase or decrease the flame and heat makes it easy for chefs and homeowners to prepare meals.

High Efficiency

LPG has a higher calorific value than other fuels like coal, kerosene, and natural gas. It means it produces more heat than other fuels for the same amount used. Therefore, by using LPG for cooking and heating, users get more efficiency and it costs low as compared to other fuels. Even in the industries, where large amounts of fuel are required daily, they use LPG due to high efficiency and minimize their cost of fuel.

Clean energy

LPG is cleaner than most other fossil fuels, with low sulfur content, low black carbon emissions, and no spills. Its use helps to keep our air cleaner and emissions of greenhouse gases lower than other uses of fossil fuels. Also, if you use it for cooking, it does not lead to a deposit of carbon on your cooking pans as in the case of other fuels. Using the LPG fuel helps to keep your kitchen clean and free from smoke.

Environment friendly

LPG is more environment friendly as compared to other fuels and energy sources. Most fuels and energy sources release carbon dioxide. However, LPG releases only 81 percent of carbon dioxide than oil. If we compare LPG to coal, it releases only 70 percent more carbon dioxide than coal. It means LPG releases 19 percent less carbon dioxide than oil and 30 percent less than coal. Therefore, it is better to use LPG than oil, coal, or any other fossil fuel.

LPG as Autogas

LPG as Autogas


The LPG used in vehicles produces fewer carbon emissions than gasoline or diesel. LPG cars are bi-fuel, meaning they run on gasoline and gasoline or diesel. In the case of a gasoline engine, if the LPG tank comes out, the system switches to gasoline mode manually or without informing the driver, except for an indicator light. In the case of diesel tanks, the electronic system mixes the fuel in the correct proportions. So, in addition to reducing carbon emissions, LPG also acts as a backup fuel if your vehicle runs out of gasoline.

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Final Words

These were the advantages of using LPG over other fossil fuels. Households and businesses can reduce their fuel costs significantly by choosing LPG as a fuel for cooking and heating purposes. Also, it contributes to a greener planet with lower carbon emissions. However, you should always get the LPG service from a reputed distributor. It is necessary to do adequate research before choosing a distributor for high quality and timely services. Now as you know the advantages of LPG over other fuels, you can use it for cooking as well as in your vehicle if allowed by the state laws.

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