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Live Your Best Life: 8 Home Enhancements You Need to Make in 2021

Are you tired of living in a home that doesn’t help make everyday life easier for you? With new technology enhancements on the rise, there’s always a new home tech trend to consider trying in your own home. When you know how to make your home better with technology home enhancements, your home can work for you.

Think of all the things you struggle with inside your home on a daily basis. These are the exact things you’ll want to find a technology upgrade for. 

Do you struggle to turn the kitchen sink on without touching the faucet with your dirty hands? 

Do you have a hard time finding the light switch in the dark? 

There are home improvements you can make to eliminate all of these struggles and making these changes starts right here. Continue reading below for a list of several house enhancement projects you should consider making. 

1. Remote-Controlled Lights

With remote-controlled lights, you can set them on a timer to turn on and off when desired. Another great feature about remote-controlled lights is that you can control them from your smartphone. When you need to turn a light on inside your home, no matter what room, you can do so with a simple press of a button on your phone.

You can also find lightbulbs that allow you to pick and choose different color lights. This technology enhancement is ideal for homeowners who come home after dark and want to light up the house before entering it. 

2. Remote-Controlled Ceiling Fans

If you’re going to have remote-controlled lights in the house, then you’ll want to have remote-controlled ceiling fans as well. These fans come in handy when you need a simpler way to control the speeds of the fan and the light on the fan. 

An in-wall ceiling fan kit will be installed into the wall, which will give you several speed options as well as an on/off option for the fan and light. You’ll also have a universal fan remote, which you can use to operate the fan without having to get out of bed! 

The next time you’re laying in bed and feel either too cold or hot, you can adjust the fan settings from right where you are. 

3. Sinks With Foot Pedals

Do you love spending time in the kitchen? If you’re a steady cook in the kitchen, then you know just how frustrating it can be to try to wash your hands without touching the sink faucet with your dirty hands. Once you’ve used your hands to touch raw meat, eggs, and other cooking essentials, you don’t want to touch other items in the kitchen.

Instead of trying the old elbow trick, consider installing a sink with foot pedals attached to it. When you need to access the water, you’ll only need to step on the pedal. This takes the stress out of trying to keep dirty hands from touching clean surfaces. 

4. Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are a great addition to any home. Once your smart thermostat is installed, you can then control the temperature in your home from your smartphone. 

How many times did you leave your house and forget to put the temperature setting up or down? 

Have you come home from a day away and wished you could put the temperature setting up or down before arriving home?

You can do all of these things when you have a smart thermostat. When away from home, use your smart device to check on the temperature and make changes if needed. 

5. Video Doorbells

Video doorbells are an awesome technology enhancement for homeowners who are looking for security improvements. Video doorbells are great because you can access them from your smartphone. When away, if someone were to knock on your door or approach your house for any reason, you’ll know. 

You can see who’s at the door, record videos, and even speak to visitors at your door through the doorbell system. 

6. Smart Door Locks

Aside from the video doorbell system, you should also consider a smart door lock. Smart door locks have features that’ll automatically lock or unlock your door as you leave or return home. You can also create electronic keys for anyone in need.

Like many other smart home devices, you can also control your smart door locks via your smartphone. This technology enhancement makes life easier for you when you’re arriving home with groceries in hand or need to let someone access your home while you’re away. 

7. Pathway Lights

Pathway lights placed outside the home are beneficial for several reasons. Not only will the pathway lights light up your yard and deter criminals from entering, but they’ll also help keep you safe at night when coming or going. 

You’ll be able to see exactly where you need to walk and prevent tripping and falling. They also help add curb appeal to your home. Smart lights can be set on a timer or set to turn on when the sun goes down. 

You can find some pathway lights that are solar-powered, which helps save on your electric bill. 

8. An Updated Security System

When’s the last time you updated your security system? There are now several smart home security options to choose from. Before deciding on a system, make sure you do your research and know the pros and cons of each. 

If you choose to install smart door locks or a smart doorbell, then ask if there are packages for an entire home security system with everything included. You’ll be able to use your smartphone to control your security system as well. 

What Technology-Based Home Enhancements Will You Make?

Making several technology-based home enhancements will improve your home life by making everyday life simpler. After reading through this list, what improvements do you believe you’ll want to make to your home? Try a few of these ideas or try them all!

For other posts about technology topics, be sure to check back here on a regular basis. 

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