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Know All About Tarot Cards and Reading of Tarot

Know you love prediction tarot card reading for free

Tarot card reading is an ancient method to predict a human’s life, tarot cards could predict past, present and future also, this is an ancient method by Egyptian people to predict a human’s life. Tarot card reading is a kind of astrology work with brain intuitions of a human.

We can differentiate tarot cards in 2 fragments as

  1. Major Arcana
  2. Minor Arcana

All tarot deck has 78 cards, which is further divided into 2 fragments know as mentioned above. Let’s discuss a little about these cards and how they help to predict life.

One of these fragments is called Major Arcana

These cards are the first section of a complete deck that contains 22 most important cards in tarot cards, called major arcana, Major arcana as the name suggests major has a major impact on your life and has a major and long-lasting effect in your life.

The second fragments are called Major Arcana

These cards are the second section of the deck called minor arcana, further divided into 4 suits which are pages, wands, swords, and cups. Any professional or Best tarot card reader in Delhi can predict life love accurately.

  • Minor Arcana cards are the day to day cards of human life, Minor Arcana cards are more relevant to a human’s day to day life, and they could last just for a day or could just a couple of days.
  • When you choose a card so chances are if you get card major arcana it will last longer for you that it is not in the minor arcana.
  • So, choose your card under the supervision of an expert tarot card reader in Delhi either its Major or Minor Arcana.

Free Love Tarot Reading

Are you looking for a free, accurate love tarot reading? Then the positive energies have brought you to the right place. It is flawlessly usual emotion to curiosity about your future in a relationship for love.

Sometimes, one wants answers to these questions and tarot card reading is ideal for these types of fortune-telling and divination.

Get solutions of any love, life, career problems by best astrologer in Mumbai

What is the 3Spread Tarot Card?

In 3 Spread Tarot Card, we pick only one card each for Past, Present, and Future. We can do this using this Tarot Spread for any specific question/thing/person/problem. One may use this spread for any subject like Love, Career, Relationship, Finances, children, study, marriage, etc. It’s a good spread, especially when you need to look in a condition more deeply for the question you want to look in detail.

How this Tarot reading Spread works and determination of it?


In the past cards, you can ask for the past. Here is some common question you can ask an astrologer to a tarot card reader to get an answer.

  • How your past affects you?
  • Does your Past still have an effect on you?
  • What is the biggest mistake of your past?
  • What happens to me in my past?
  • Do past can be correct If yes thane how?


A Present card will represent the present stage of what’s profitable on. It shows where you are at this instant or what are the existing circumstances. It also gives hints of the encounters and opportunities that you may be presently facing in. Some question you can ask for present cards are:

  • What you are doing is correct?
  • If you were planning for something to do, then is it good for you?
  • why your spouse or partner is ignoring you?
  • How to respond to someone?
  • When you should switch your job?
  • The current love partner is good for you or not?
  • Do you love partner is cheating on you?


In this part of the spread, you can ask for future life, career, partner, relationships, job, occupation, etc. The question you can ask for future cards are:

  • What is the correct time to get something?
  • What is the right time to get married?
  • How long your relationship will work?
  • How loyal your life partner is?
  • Who will help you to get a good life?
  • Supporting the person of your life?
  • When you will get a new job?
  • In which year you will get a promotion?
  • In which year you will get married?
  • What will be your life partner’s name?
  • In which you will get your dream true?
  • What mistake you should avoid doing in the future? And Etc.

These are simple questions mentioned above just as an example. You can ask whatever you want to know about your Past, Future, and present.

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