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King vs California King mattress

King vs California King: Which Mattress Size Is Best

Choosing the right Mattress is even more important than choosing the paint of the house or selecting the furniture for the house. Everything can be compromised and managed but not the comfort of one’s sleep because it plays a vital role in our health. For anyone belonging to any class of society, crave a good comfortable sleep and their mattresses play the utmost role in doing so.

It is very confusing to decide amidst borderline differences between the types of Mattresses as a detailed difference is required to make the right choice. There are six major types of mattress sizes like the Twin, Twin XL, Full Size, Queen Size, Split King, etc. But the most comfortable and lavish sizes are the King Size and California King Size.

King Size vs California King Size

Below are the detailed differences between the common Mattresses- King Size & California King Size.

King Size Mattress:

King Size Mattress

The King Size mattress can be considered as the most comfortable bed that was ever invented. They are popular because of the space they offer as they are the widest beds that are available. They are large enough to accommodate adults who need their own space to sleep.

Physical Difference

Below are the dimensions of King Size Mattress

King Size-

Width 76 inch

Length 80 inch

California King Size Mattress:

California King Size Mattress

Talking about the California king mattress, you would first need to evaluate your needs or requirements first. The California king-size mattress is the biggest bed size that is available. They are big enough to accommodate two adults with a kid. They can be placed in a master bedroom. But before making this purchase, you would need to check if you will be able to sleep well on this mattress size. You must also understand your budget and also if there is enough space in your bedroom, to accommodate this bed size.

Physical Difference

Below are the dimensions of California King size Mattress

California King Size-

Width 72 inch

Length 84 inch

It is evident that California is only 4 inches lengthier and 4 inches shorter in width than King size, but this difference plays a big part in a different aspect.

Ideal for whom

Before you proceed to buy a King or a California King size mattress, you must consider the below points to make sure you are making the right move.

  • Owing to the dimension, if the person sleeping is less than 6’4″ then Kingsize Mattress is ideal, but if the height is higher than this, there is no other choice than go for California King size Mattress as this extra boot space in length will not let the leg hang.
  •  If the person sleeping has Arthritis and keeps changing positions while sleeping then King size will give the support because of its wider space area without the fear of falling especially for a restless couple.
  • Even in the case of accommodation of a child along with the couple, it is very much feasible without any discomfort for a California King Size Mattress to give extra space for adjustment which is not the case in King Size Mattress.
  • The issue with the King Size Mattress is that the room size has to be wide enough, at least 13 feet by 13 feet to not only accommodate the Mattress along with the Bed but also for the provision of Wardrobe and free walking space around the room. The room size should be Square also to look aesthetically fit with the dimensions.

As stated above it is not idle for tall people and is quite heavy for free movement and if the owner shifts the apartment a lot then this relocation will be a tedious one.

Whereas the California King size Mattress exuberates the name itself by being the longest mattress around, designed for King size lifestyle along with that the couples can accommodate a small size child. As it is Large so the movement is a bit restricted comparatively, owing to the same fact it is difficult to find adorations to give a spontaneous look to the room.

  • The Room size should also go along with the length of the Mattress i.e it should be around rectangular in size to give a good look to it.



Since the California King Size Mattress is longer it is comfortable for taller people but the King Size Mattress is wider so the spreading capacity is higher and the movement of one person will not disturb the other due to motion transfer.


The Pricing for King Size Mattress & California King Size is somewhat the same, it depends on the type of Foam, Material, and upholstery used. At times California King Size is more expensive, but both are in the pricier bracket compared to the regular size beds because they are at least 20 inches wider and lengthier so more materials are used also which increases the manufacturing cost.

A King or a California King Size MattressFinal Verdict

The Decision between both can be taken with the below points

  1. Height of the person sleeping
  2. Sleeping movement habits
  3. Dimension of room
  4. Surface Area- King Size has a surprisingly larger surface area compared to California King Size Mattress.
  5. No of the person sleeping

Based on these factors the choice can be easier.

Mattress Recycling

Since a normal Mattress has a longevity of 7 to 8 years, and the growing population in the urban cities is also increasing the demand for production, this has invariably increased the quantity of Mattress disposal as well.

Relocation of Mattress along with other items is difficult, even when a house is on resale the buyer will keep all the old furniture except the Mattress because of Hygiene concerns and other factors. These factors also add up to the number of Mattresses discarded. In America, 12 to 20 million Mattresses are discarded every year. It is a major concern for the government as well because all these discarded mattresses take up a huge disposal land area therefore the Mattress recycling can help resolve such issues.

This has given the huge demand for new industries like:

  • Mattresses Recyclers- They will Buy the old Mattress for some money and will use the Foam, covering, Upholstery Innerspring as these have better longevity and use these in manufacturing newer ones, hence decreasing their cost of manufacturing to a good extent and these Mattresses are sold at affordable prices.
  • Mattress Donation- Institutions are ready to pick up your old mattress or it can be dropped at their shops and these collected mattresses are given to help the needy ones.

Along with these, there are many more organizations with their ideas which have not only curbed the wastage and disposal issue but also helped many to afford a comfortable sleep. Mattress recycling can be very helpful and will also help in reducing wastes.

The Bottom Line

Selecting a suitable mattress is also very important because it helps in reducing issues while you are sleeping such as snoring or sleep apnea and also helps in providing relief if you are suffering from back, neck, or shoulder pain and gives you a comfortable environment for quality sleep, therefore, you should choose the right mattress which is suitable for your body type and that gives you comfort.

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