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Isaimini Movies 2020- Tamil Movies Download Website

Movie piracy is illegal and one of the most commenced crimes all over the world. All of us have definitely watched pirated movies for at least once in our life as it is an easy solution for all of us to save money and watch good movies at the same time. It has become one of the most feared nightmares for the filmmakers. There are plenty of websites that you can use to download movies like Isaimini Movies. Downloading movies from such websites is illegal and it affects the global marketing and box office collection of a movie. Isaimini is a website which is particularly famous for pirating Tamil movies through their website. In this report, you will get to know everything about this website.

About Isaimini Tamil Movie Downloading Website

Isaimini is one of the not so popular but useful piracy websites. It avails plenty of options with a wide range of pirated movies. The website is useful for availing the newest Tamil movies as soon as the film is released in theatres and sometimes even before the release in theatres. The website streams a wide range of movies dubbed in many different South Indian languages such as Malayalam, Telegu. They also stream many series dubbed in South Indian languages.

The website is especially very useful for cell phone users. They have some special features of decreasing the quality of the motion picture for mobile downloads. There are also some Tamil dubbed classic English TV series such as Thrones available on the website. Rather than the Tamil shows and movies, they provide some options for the Hindi and English audiences as well. Recently they have changed their title from Isaimini to

Leaked Movies That are Available on the Isaimini Website

This piracy website has been streaming a wide range of South Indian especially Tamil movies of many different genres such as comedy, romantic, action, thrill etc. on their portal and giving a hard time to the filmmakers. They stream various movies of many famous South Indian stars such as Dhanush, Allu Arjun, Mahesh Babu, Rajnikanth. The movies streaming on the website includes Maari 2, Akash Ganga 2, DJ, Fidaa, V, Petta 2.0, Asuran etc. as well as Server Sundaram, Jasmine, MGR Magan, and Aayiram Porkasugal.

Though the website primarily leaked the Tamil movies, later they improvised and added a special section for the superhit songs for their users. They offer free downloading of a large number of songs on their website. The songs available on the portal are not all in Tamil there are also quite a good number of Hindi songs available on the website.

Steps Taken by the Government to Prevent the Illegal Downloading of Pirated Movies and Shows

The government and authorities assigned for this kind of work have implemented many laws with the aim of preventing these people from using these types of illegal websites to download movies and shows. According to the Cinematograph Act of 2019, someone who is caught recording any film without the written consent letter from the makers of the film will be imprisoned for a maximum 3 years time period and also the individual has to pay about 10 lakhs rupees as compensation. Also, the one who downloads the leaked videos from various such piracy websites might be imprisoned. But with the authorities taking steps to stop such illegal activities, those who are doing this are finding their ways out of the situation and continuing with their illegal activities.

Isaimini in India

In India, film piracy has become one of the worst nightmares to the filmmakers and it is becoming even worse with every passing day. The Government and the film associations have already taken several firm steps to stop the vigorous illegal downloading of pirated movies and banned many websites that promote such activities of illegal piracy of movies and shows. The websites banned by the government include 123movies, Tamilrockers, Isaimini, fmovies and many others. But not to mention that every effort put by the government to stop such crimes went to vain.

To escape the government laws Isaimini has changed their extension from .com to .uz and changed the title of their website to moviesda.

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For Downloading Movies Illegally Can Someone Get Jailed or Be Fined?

According to Indian law, if a person is caught downloading pirated movies or influencing someone to do the same knowingly from moviesda, that is considered to be a punishable crime.

Such culprits are taken to the court and there they get punishment according to the seriousness of the crime. The punishment can vary from 6 months imprisonment to 3 years of imprisonment along with compensation of 50000 to 200000 rupees.

Disclaimer: We do not support any kind of piracy and do not intend to provoke people to download pirated movies.

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