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Importance of implementing SSL for your WordPress website

Importance of implementing SSL for your WordPress website

WordPress sites are undemanding when it comes to setting them up, as no coding experience is needed. However, as easy as it can be to get them going, they can come with various security risks. Secure Sockets Layer (or SSL) is a protocol that allows you to set up a connection that would be encrypted and in turn, secure. This prevents meddling with the data that the client sends or receives through the connection with a certain website because it ensures all data is encrypted and impossible to read. It authenticates the identity of the website’s owner so you can be sure they are exactly who they claim to be. Both features are extremely important for online shops since they constantly deal with sensitive data such as credit card numbers, names of customers, their home addresses, and so on.

Therefore, this protocol is an indispensable tool to create an environment where your visitors can feel safe and completely worry-free when they visit your site. Naturally, many people are put off by sites that seem sketchy, especially if they are planning to buy something from them or are expected to share their personal or sensitive information. So, by having an SSL certificate set up, you can vouch that your potential customers will be completely safe while browsing through your site or attempting to make a purchase through it.

You can check whether a website has an active SSL by checking the site’s URL or branded URL bars. If the site’s address starts with HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://, and if it has a green padlock next to it, it can be considered safe, and you can go about your day without worrying about whether someone is going to hijack your data.

SSL certificates have a lot of nifty benefits to them. For one, they block any undetectable spyware and ransomware, protecting the visitors in the process. Consequently, this makes for a dependable and secure setting for any data traffic on the site and creates trust between the site’s owner and their visitors. SSL prevents breaches of data, as well. All of this leads to Google ranking your site higher in search results. So, SSL secures your site from various attacks and thefts and helps your site’s traffic.

SSL is a must if you own an eCommerce store, which makes sense because you are dealing with your customers’ most private and sensitive information.

Now, let’s talk about how to set up your own SSL certificate.

  • Fetch the correct website information

Certificate Authority (CA) requires you to provide some information about your websites, such as aunique IP address or a precise WHOIS record, and if you want an even more secure business or organization validation, theymighttake a look at government databases to validate your business. They might even request your government-issued registration document. So, have those prepared just in case.

  • Pick the SSL certificate that works best for you

There are various kinds of SSL certificates, and they are classified by either level of validation (domain, organization, and extended) or secured domains (single, wildcard, or multi)

In short, domain one is the lowest level, an organization is the medium, while extended is the highest level of validation. Single domain secures one subdomain, wildcard secures an infinite number of subdomains within a single domain, while multi-domain secures up to 100 domains that use one SSL certificate.

  • Select a certificate authority

A Certificate Authority (CA) issues SSL certificates. Choose one that can give you the SSL type you’re looking for and one that suits the needs of your business.

  • Generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

A CSR has to be generated before you request an SSL, and it depends on the host of your website and the webserver.

  • Submit the CSR to your CA

Get to the site of the CA you chose and buy the type of SSL you need. After checkout, you will have to submit the CSR.

  • Wait for validation

This process can take either a few minutes, hours or a few days.

There are quite a few plugins that can help you install an SSL certificate, and WP Force SSL is one of the best ones on the market. It comes in handy if you do not understand SSL certificates as much as you think you should or just want to save some time when trying to install one. The whole ordeal is made effortless and quick. Not to mention, WP Force SSL also gives you information concerning your SSL certificate so you can check things like whether it is still valid and for how long. It also comes with lots of other handy features, such as the content scanner that makes sure your site does not mix HTTP and HTTPS content which can compromise the overall security of your site. The plugin offers many more features and is user-friendly.


SSL should be considered a crucial aspect when it comes to the security of your website. It is definitely one of the ways in which you can earn the trust of your visitors right from the start. As soon as they enter your site, they see the green padlock next to your URL. They won’t have to worry about any security risks entering an unknown site. Owning it also helps with your site’s traffic since Google ranks it higher in its search results. As one of the best tools for the installation of SSL certificates, the affordable WP Force SSL plugin can save you a lot of trouble and time. It offers many features to maintain the security of your site. Best of all, you do not have to have any coding or other skills to set it up.

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