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How To Watch Movies On Google Drive?

How To Watch Movies On Google Drive?

In this fast-paced life seldom do we get the time to engage in extravagant recreational time. The most that we can make out of this mundane life is to watch movies at the leisure of our own time and at the comfort of our own house.

There are quite a few platforms where you can take monthly subscriptions and enjoy the latest movies however cash crunch can creep in any moment. The best way to enjoy movies without paying any amount is by watching them on Google Drive.

What is Google Drive?

Launched in the year 2012, April 24th, Google Drive was brought into the market by Google. It is an app specifically developed for storage and synchronization and it actually allows the users to store files and even share those across varied devices.

It is roughly estimated that Google Drive currently has one billion users worldwide and it gives each user around 15 GB of free storage.

Isn’t that absolutely fascinating?

However, if you need more storage the easiest thing that you could do is buy some space either through a monthly or yearly subscription. Google Drive even claims to store your pictures and video files at the highest possible quality and does not really compromise on the overall output.

How can one watch movies on Google Drive?

If you are interested in watching a movie that too in Google Drive there are usually two ways to go about it:

  1. Watching movies on Google Drive online.
  2. Watching movies on Google Drive by downloading.

Watching movies in Google Drive online:

There are quite a few publicly shared google drive movies on the internet and what you can do is save these or even upload your own videos and then watch them online anywhere as it is quite portable.

The way to do it is:

• Step one

There is a particular format as to how you can search for movies to watch on Google Drive. The easiest way to do this is by typing “ name of the movie”.

• Step two

Choose the one you want to enjoy and then click on the “Add a shortcut to drive” icon so that you can select the file where you want to save.

• Step three

Open the Google Drive app from your phone or login into the same from your computer and click on the Play button. All you need is a stable internet connection.

How to watch movies on Google Drive by Downloading?

It is also possible for you to download the saved movies and is the safest way to enjoy them as the shared ones can often be deleted by the uploader.

There are usually two ways to go about the process:

Option one

You can choose to directly download the movie without even opting to save it. It is fairly easy and the best thing to do once you find a high-quality movie that is worth downloading.

Option two

The next option is if you want to be absolutely sure before wasting storage. Therefore you can choose to save the movie and consequently preview it.

If it is your desired movie you can opt in to tap on the “download” button on the preview window and your movie will get downloaded very easily.

Watching movies on Google Drive is quite cost-effective as well as convenient. However, you need to be extra sure about the safety of these files as Google does not really provide any statutory warnings.

If the files saved or downloaded carry any sort of virus that can disrupt the working of your system.

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