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How To Use Technology To Buy A Car In 2024

Only ten years ago, it was almost unthinkable to buy a car sight unseen over the web – eBay was ubiquitous for consumer goods and perhaps electronics, but cars? Not a chance. However, in 2020 almost everything changed.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced buyers to limit their contact with dealerships; supply chain issues prevented people from test driving cars on showroom floors; and AI technology could render lifelike images of cars that hadn’t even been created yet!

What kind of technology is available to a car buyer so they can make a sound decision in 2024? Let’s find out – as well as getting finance for your car too!

Online sales sites and reviews

Online sales sites or classifieds sites are the best and easiest way to research your vehicle. Both private sellers and dealers advertise their stock, so you can see at a glance which cars are available to purchase right away. These sites generally have reviews written by real customers, so you can get a feel for the car and whether it’s right for you. They may also review customer service by sellers, so you know if they’re doing right by you or trying to make a quick buck.

Automotive review sites

Run by professional motoring journalists and videographers with a passion for cars and vehicles, automotive review sites can offer unbiased product reviews and in-depth analysis of new models to determine whether they’re worth your time and money. These sites will list specifications, fuel efficiency or range in the case of electric vehicles (EVs), and in most cases will show the car in action through video content. A seasoned or professional driver will assess how a car handles, performs, and its level of comfort – almost like a virtual test drive. This way you’ll see how similar models perform under different conditions. They may also cover other aspects of motoring such as accessories, modifications, insurance, and finance.

Blogs and advice sites

Blogs and advice sites (like these ones!) give you insider tips on how to budget for your new car, how to conduct research, and how to factor in costs and finance repayments. You can study these sites to become an instant expert in automotive and arm yourself with knowledge before approaching sellers or dealers. They can also give you strategies in negotiating with dealers as well as first-person stories about what to do and what not to do when buying privately.

Contract summarisation and fintech

Generative AI is not only helpful to generate text, but some sites can also analyse legal documents and “translate” it into plain language. This can be helpful if you’re iffy on a purchase contract and want to know what you’re on the hook for. Fintech (short for financial technology) can also streamline getting a loan and help you navigate the finance maze all without talking to a real person (though you can if you want added peace of mind.)

Why not give technology a go when researching your next car? It could save you a heap of money – and have you behind the wheel of a new vehicle in next to no time!

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