Monday , October 2 2023
How to Track Time

How to Track Time and Stay Productive

Time is one of the biggest issues you will run into, regardless of which business and/or industry you are part of. We never have enough time, and even a small break or slight delay can eat into a time scheduled for something else just as important.

This means that tracking time correctly is the key to staying efficient and productive – as well as getting all of your work done on schedule so that you can go home instead of staying at the office late.


Timesheets are tricky. While they can be useful in theory, many businesses do not actually do anything with them, which just makes them a larger waste of time. Putting them in a shared cloud space ensures that they are fully visible without forcing you to shell out more for specialized software.

Having an accurate record of working hours is important to both employees and employers. Employees can ensure that they have a way to dispute their pay if they are not given enough for what they worked, and employers can keep tabs on who is actually doing their job properly.

Timesheets are a great idea in theory, but they need to be handled properly to get any value out of them. Make sure that you understand how to use them and what kind of details to include on them – the faster you can fill them out, the better.


Payrolls and paystubs are one of the hardest things to get done quickly. Not only do you need to feed a lot of data into a single static template or system, but managing people’s pay is far too important to justify cutting corners.

This can make payroll processing incredibly slow, eating up a lot of your time every month. However, some of the best online software – such as ThePayStubs – allows you to generate both payrolls and timesheets extremely quickly, keeping you productive and getting your work done faster.

It might not sound like it, but payrolls can be a major contributing factor in inefficiency in the workplace. If you are not tackling the payrolls properly, then it can become increasingly difficult to actually get them all done on time, let alone on a schedule that matches your own.


One of the biggest issues you will face when working on a tight schedule is delays and errors. Redoing work can eat up hours of your life without actually earning you anything new, and it might even delay other people’s workflow as well.

Learning how to track time well is not the only option you have. Finding ways to smooth out errors with your work can often be just as effective, and you can usually do this by finding the right software to support your work. Again, payrolls are a major consideration here – a single error in a batch of paystubs can take hours to fix.

Minimizing flaws and errors is always a great way to move forward, but you often need improved tools or software to make it happen. Turning to outside sources of help, like simple tools to create documents faster, can make a massive difference.

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