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How to Take Care of Covid-19 Patients at Home

How to Take Care of Covid-19 Patients at Home -Tips for Caregivers

When pandemic has created panic among the general masses, there are some front warriors who face the COVID-19 on daily basis to risk their own life. Doctors, police officials, healthcare workers, and caregivers are the people who have risked their lives to serve humanity.

Due to the huge upsurge in Corona virus cases, there are cases of mild symptoms of Covid-19. These patients having mild symptoms are permitted to quarantine at home on the condition that they can arrange the basic facilities at their home. In this situation, there are patients who look for caregivers who can attend them at home. Hence, it becomes a huge responsibility of the caregivers to take care of these patients and also to protect themselves from this virus by buying medical equipment online. If it’s not possible to care the COVID patients at home then people can take the services of senior care Brooklyn.

So here are some tips for caregivers to protect themselves while dealing with the Coronavirus patients at home.

Wear a face mask

The foremost thing is to wear a face mask while dealing with Coronavirus patients like elderly people at home. They should be aware of the measures of using the mask. They should know how to not touch the mask. They must change the mask after it gets dirty.

Wash your hands regularly

Washing hands is one of the important preventive measures to contain the Coronavirus. It is necessary to wash your hands after you come into contact with the patients. To keep your hand’s clean use soaps and sanitizers. While preparing their food, hands should be washed before and after cooking the food. Wash your hands also while using the washroom.

Ensure proper nutrition for the COVID -19 patient

Caregivers should ensure that patients drink plenty of water. Deliver the food directly without having any contact with them. Nutritious food will help them to boost their immunity. This will keep them healthy and energetic. It is also important that the bedridden elderly people will take enough rest between the meals.

It is also recommended for the caregivers to take care of the following measures while serving the patients and buy medical equipment online. 

Use separate dishes for the patient

The use of separate and specific utensils for Coronavirus patients will protect them from contamination. These utensils may include cups, plates, dishes, and other cooking-related items.

Disinfect frequently – touched objects

Objects or surfaces which are frequently touched at home should be disinfected properly. Studies have revealed that the virus can survive on hard surfaces for 72 hours. So it is necessary to clean the surfaces which are touched frequently at home with a hospital grade surface spray.

In addition to this, caregivers should notice the changes in patients’ health. In case, there are changes in the health of the patient you need to consult immediately:

Call for the healthcare facility

At the initial stage, Corona virus patients might be stable. They may look asymptomatic but their health may get deteriorated if the virus has affected their body. In this situation, patients may feel difficulty in breathing and there may be other symptoms in the patient. In this case, you should contact the nearby hospital or contact the helpline numbers issued by the Ministry of health and issue by the welfare societies. Moreover, caregivers should buy some basic medical supplies in case of an emergency. Caregivers should be updated about the first-hand aids for corona patients in case of emergency or to combat this virus. All these basic medical supplies can be ordered online.

The above guidelines were some tips for caregivers who attend COVID patients at home.

Recent studies have revealed that senior citizens above 60 years are more prone to this virus. Moreover, it has also been revealed that the people who have pre-existing medical conditions may become the victim of this virus easily.

Thus, it is important to stay updated about the patients’ health and also about the recent developments in the prevention and cure of this virus. This will help us to combat this when there is no vaccine and treatment available so far. It will also help us in making things easy before any emergency. Finally, it is important to stay calm psychologically and emotionally to defeat this deadly virus.

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