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How to Ride a Man

How to Ride a Man – 10 Tips On How To Give Him The Best Sex Ever

You might have reached here because you want to impress your new love with some saucy and nasty bedroom skills? Or perhaps you want to spice up the long term relationship with your partner with some crazy sex moves?

Whatever it might be, sex is always a good way to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Usually, some women do not know how to ride a guy or what to do during sex.

While others are afraid that they might end up getting tired of making the wrong moves. If that sounds like you, then you really need to brush up on your skills by reading until the end.

Riding a guy well – why is it important?

When talking about romantic relationships women are told how sex is important or how it can strengthen the bond with the partner. But what they are not taught is how to ride a man or the right techniques to improve their ways.

Women are mostly left with less or no knowledge when it comes to sex. Everything is left unsaid which leaves women clueless. Therefore, this is one of the reasons women never get to know how to ride a guy or even if they need to get on top.

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Moreover, some women find it quite embarrassing to ride on the top while others don’t even think it is needed. But once you get the hang of being on top, then know it’s not just going to be sexy but fun too.

So let’s find out how to ride a man and rock on everything else.

How to Ride a Man During Sex- we’ll discuss it deeply!

Wanting to please your man, but do not know how to do it exactly?

Well, it’s time to check out the tips curated below so that you can become a pro in riding a guy.

• Try to be Careful

This is one of the first tips that one needs to keep in mind. Usually, people don’t mention this tip much but it is something that should not be ignored.

Make sure that you position yourself on the top of your man carefully so that he does not get hurt. This is because during sex the private part of the man becomes hard.

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So if you push yourself too badly, then chances are he could get hurt. Other than that, getting on top carefully can help you see his face comfortably. Besides that, sitting on the top comfortably will help you to ride a man without getting tired too soon.

• Make yourself a priority

Most of the times women who do not know how to ride a guy tend to have sex just to please their partners. Well, that’s totally incorrect.

It is time to think for yourself if you really want to please your man – meaning your satisfaction can help him enjoy the sex fully. Besides that, any man would not mind at all if you just hopped on top.

• Let each other take the control

Sex does not only mean the man will have control over you. Actually, men like it when women are controlling during sex. When you are on top of him, try to be creative.

Make it your turn to be dominant and ask him to do things with you. Tell him to take control but make sure you are ordering him what to do next.

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For instance, when you are riding a man, just bend over and kiss him. After that ask him to kiss you on the neck or grab your waist.

• Learn the motion of the wave

Sex is not always about taking or giving but it should always go hand in hand. If you don’t want your partner to get tired of having sex with you then learn how to ride a man with passion.

When you are told to sit on top of him, it does not mean you have to jump on him. All you can do is lay on him, kiss him, maintain eye contact, let the cheeks touch each other and maintain a rhythm kind of movement.

If you succeed in doing this, you would be able to ride your partner without getting tired.

• Make in-and-out motion

When you are taught about how to ride a guy, it does not always mean you have to wiggle. You can try to make an in-and-out motion to avoid getting tired.

Also, it will help your man to get pleased by your sexual movements. You can bounce on him when you are about to cum or moan whenever needed.

Just make sure whatever you do, you are enjoying every bit of it while riding your man.

• Face the opposite direction

Have you been always told to make eye contact when you are taught how to ride a man? Well, that’s not always needed.

You can dominate your partner and spice up your sex life by facing the opposite direction too.

Most men like it when women face the opposite direction so that they can grab your waist and watch you make the moves from behind. If your partner likes the same, then just go for it.

• Know how to control your ride

Some women think that the size of their partner’s private part matters when it comes to sex.

While others are experts enough to make it work irrespective of the size. The secret behind how to ride a guy is not going any further length of his penis.

Just make sure that it does not slip off away as it can distract your previous moment.

• Wear some perfume

Wearing some perfume while riding your boyfriend is a secret ingredient behind spiced up sex. Make sure that you smell yummy or use a perfume that your partner likes the most.

It is known that men love sweet scents and will not get tired if you put them on. Rather it will put him more in the mood to get all of you and make love with you until the end.

• Put on some music

After some perfume, some music can also do the magic. Music has the power to spark up everything. So make sure to prepare a playlist of slow music that you and your partner like.

You can also choose to get music DVDs, slow jams and others to set the mood. Then play them in slow volume before you jump on top of him.

Make sure that you are enjoying the music as well as the sex together to please your man.

• Don’t get tired of trying

When you are learning how to ride a man as a beginner, the most important key to success is not giving up. There may be times when you would feel too shy to get on top of him or would not be able to make it through.

But know that through practice and time, things can become easier. Being afraid to do so will derail you but trying instead will make him love you even more. You can also try and practice it before you are actually having sex.

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