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How to Restrict Social Media Usage during Office Hours

How to Restrict Social Media Usage during Office Hours

What commonly happens when an employer sees an employee using Facebook in the office? A bombardment of harsh words and rude behavior, only!

Well, that is not the best way to treat your employees. After all, there are just a few anti-social guys in the entire world. People have friends, and they love to talk to them, have a gossip, and plan some entertainment. Very frankly all of that happens on social networks.

Don’t you invite your friends to an event using a Facebook invitation? Then would you be so angrywith your employees using social networks?

Do not blame yourself for anything bad indeed that is understandable. No employer would like to see his employees spending time on activities other than work. Work is more important to employers, and they want to get it done to satisfy their clients. Further, the global statistics on using social media in office show relentless stats.

An economy digest tells that employees spend half of the day using social networks in the office. That means they spend like four and a half-hour on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, and other social media. Further, they are left with only four and a half hours to work. That is why businesses lose clients and they move towards another business.

Using social media is not bad. However, using it in times when you should be doing something else is surely bad. Your family members may not appreciate you using Facebook on smartphones while having dinner. So how would your boss appreciate that?

Be Calm and Restrict Social Media:

You know you can ask your IT personnel to block social networks on the office computer. However, people know how to unblock blocked sites. They can open up social networks and even open it in the way that the IT department and the employer may not know that they were socializing. Indeed, when an employer will find that again, he may even be angrier with the IT department that why did they not block the access.

Well, if you were running a giant corporation, you might have enough budget to get a custom browser with no private session and social network access. Perhaps, if you do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars for a custom browser, you may need something else. Something that can let you and your managers maintain the discipline.

Maintaining the Discipline:

Most of the workplaces have a penalty for using mobile phones during work. Similarly, they have a penalty for using social networks during office hours. If you have that rule in your office, how many guys do you penalize every month? We can tell, you do not find even a single one. But still, your employees are using social networks. Well, that is because no one is monitoring them, and you do not have a proper monitoring tool.

To maintain the discipline, you need a professional monitoring tool like WhatsApp spy app. Well, OgyMogy is professional monitoring software that tracks the activities of employees on computers as well as mobile phones.

Using this savvy application, you can nip into the computers of your employees and see everything they do. Like, how much time did they spend working, and for how long did they stay on Facebook. Certainly, that will reduce the bounty of blocking access to social networks. Along with that, it will help the employers find the guys who do not obey the office policy.

Be Straight not Strict:

Make straight rules and implement them. Implementing the rules for social network usage requires you to be vigilant. Further, OgyMogy enables you to see everything. In that way, you get the ability to stay calm and make your team follow the rules.

Well, social networks are not the only stuff that your employees access during work hours. There are plenty of other things they do. With the ordinary access blocking system, your IT department cannot control every site. Your employees might be watching seasons, movies and even playing games. How much would you control? Bring in the discipline is the only way to control your team. Further, topping it with a cool and calm behavior, like a Shaolin monk can perfect your team. So, bring in OgyMogy and put your anger to rest. Albert is journalist social media expert and blogger. He passionate writing on technology, parental control, and best Snapchat spy apps, social issues and business management. 

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