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Public Liability Claim

How to Receive Compensation When You’ve Been Injured in a Public Liability Claim?

Despite the best efforts of corporates and other businesses to keep their premises safe, patrons will occasionally get injured. When this happens, public liability claims are often made. There are a few things that you can do if you’ve been injured on commercial property.

Firstly, it’s essential to determine who is responsible for your accident – these people or entities are called “Defendants”. Secondly, you need to figure out how badly you were hurt and whether you need treatment. 

Lastly, it’s time to contact an appropriate lawyer who can give you an example of successful public liability claim they have handled.

Determine the Causation of the Accident

The first step in recovering compensation is typically to identify the person or business responsible for your injuries. If you’re unsure who is at fault, contacting an accident lawyer is typically a good idea. They will investigate and determine if the injury was due to another person or entity’s actions, which might make that party liable.

Figure Out How Severe Your Injuries are

Having been injured on commercial property may mean that you’ve suffered from financial damages in addition to physical ones. The next step is determining how badly you were hurt and whether you accrued any additional expenses due to your accident.

Look for a Lawyer Specialising in Public Liability Claims

If your injuries were significant and you believe someone else is responsible, the next step is to contact an appropriate lawyer specialising in public liability claims. 

Check out an example of a successful public liability claim, determine if you have a case, gather evidence to support it should the claim be brought to court, negotiate with the Defendants for an out-of-court settlement or litigate on your behalf. 

One example of a successful public liability claim is the case of Oriana June Hunt v. Sydney Trains, where Mrs Hunt was awarded $2,836,000 in damages after being struck by a train on one of their stations.

Another example of a successful public liability claim can be seen in the case of David Vincent v. MFB, where Mr Vincent was burnt by chemicals while being an employee at his workplace. He received compensation worth $1,047,226 for physical and economic losses due to his injuries.

Although no amount of money can undo mistakes made in the past, public liability claims provide victims with a means of recovering financial losses caused by the actions of others.

Work Out the Best Way to Settle Your Claim

Once you have determined that there are grounds for making a public liability claim against another party, your lawyer will work closely with you throughout the process. 

Your lawyer will come up with various ways that they might approach working towards resolving your claim – including negotiating an out-of-court settlement, taking the Defendant to a court or a combination of both.

Attend All Necessary Court Hearings and Meetings with Your Lawyer

Once your public liability claim is in motion, there may be several hearings you need to attend for it to move forward. Nothing must come up at these meetings which prevent you from settling or litigating your claim promptly; so, work closely with your lawyer throughout this time to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Review Agreement Terms with Your Legal Representatives

Once the Defendants have agreed on how they will settle your claim (whether through negotiation or litigation), both parties will typically sign an agreement that outlines the settlement terms.

Ensure everything is in order and ask your lawyer to explain anything you don’t understand or want further clarification.

Finally, if you have been injured on the premises of another party, take steps to determine who is responsible for your accident and work with a lawyer throughout this time to make sure that they can negotiate or litigate for your claim to be settled as favourably as possible. 

Wrapping Up

Contact an accident lawyer today to find out how they might help you receive adequate compensation for your loss so that you can move forward with your life.

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