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How to Prepare for Hunting Season

You may think that the start of hunting season is when your work begins, but you will experience much greater success by starting your hunting preparation early. Like your prey, you may think the summer is time for rest and relaxation, but spending some time in preparation will allow you to focus on the hunt, rather than the preparation, at the start of hunting season.

Purchase Your Hunting Gear

Summer is the time to make all your hunting purchases, especially if you purchase anything online. Even if you hunt every year, you may need new hunting clothes Canada, ammunition, bowstrings or other supplies. If you are purchasing new footwear, you should take the time to break them in before you start your hunt. If you are purchasing a new weapon or scope, it is important that you get it as early as possible so you have plenty of time to get comfortable using them. You also don’t want to wait until hunting season to purchase your ammunition or arrows because you may not be able to find them.

Practice Your Shooting

First, you should site in your weapons. Then, you should spend time practicing. You want to shoot as few times and as accurately as possible when it counts. The only way to achieve this is to practice. You may even enter shooting competitions during which you will be challenged to shoot moving targets or shoot when you are moving.

Research Your Prey

Whether you plan to hunt on public or private land, you should do some research. For example, you may find topographical maps and aerial photos of the area online. However, your best research will involve speaking with local farmers and ranchers. These individuals are constantly out in their fields, so they see the wildlife and know where it congregates. They may be able to give you valuable information that will shorten your hunt. Also, walk around the area and look for dangers, signs of wildlife and protected areas where you can remain hidden as you wait for your prey.

Install Trail Cameras

You can get live feeds of where the animals are if you set up trail cameras. These cameras allow you to watch how the wildlife moves so you can identify their patterns. Installing these devices may help you learn what animals frequent the area you plan to hunt or help you find areas they congregate regularly.

Focus on Fitness

Hunting is physically challenging, especially if you live in a mountainous area. Therefore, during the summer, you may focus on getting in shape. Take regular hikes in the area and make sure you can walk long distances dragging or carrying the weight of your prey.

If you plan to hunt in the fall, consider starting your preparations in early summer.

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