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Easy Ways to Make Well Water Drinkable

How to Make Well Water Drinkable?

Water is a limited resource and almost everyone in this world is aware of that. Water being limited yet being a basic necessity it becomes necessary that we find different ways of storing groundwater

You’d be shocked to know that 98% of freshwater is groundwater on earth and one of the best ways to store and consume groundwater is by storing them in wells. 

Wells have been an ancient way of storing water and were considered pure and clean by many. However, let me remind you that wells are mostly kept uncovered well as are always in contact with materials that aren’t the safest. 

The location and the maintenance of the well determine the amount of impurity that may be present in the well water. As a result, it makes the well water not drinkable for us. 

These unwater impurities like nitrates, excessive amounts of iron, manganese, arsenic, lead as well as copper can lead to many infections and illnesses in your body. 

There can be infections like Heavy metal impurities, E Coli infection and these can lead to even death. 

Hence it is extremely necessary to make the well water drinkable before consumption. Thus, we are here to talk about the same and have jotted different ways by which you can make well water drinkable! 

Easy Ways to Make Well Water Drinkable!

  • Simple filtration through filters.

With the advancement in technology that has come about it has been made easier for the general public to filter their well water. People can choose from the different filters that are available in the market and buy the one that suits their water type. 

There are some basic filters from which they can choose from like whole house filtration which filters water from the main supply of your house. Countertop filters that can be attached directly to the taps. 

Under the sink, filtration is attached to the sink’s plumbing structure. These are the basic filters that every company manufactures and one can buy according to their will and choice.

  • Water softening.

This is a process for well water that does not need to go under extreme filtrations. Some wells just have hard water and hard water has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

So to make the hard water drinkable( turning it into soft water) there are plenty of water softeners that can help you improve the condition. Soft water is believed to have a lot of benefits itself, other than just being drinkable for humans. 

  • Water distillation.

Water distillation is time-consuming but is considered the most effective form of water purifying techniques. 

The techniques include boiling the well water and the steam from the boiling process condensed into another container. Impurities like lead, mercury and arsenic can be easily removed by this process. 

It is believed that this process kills 99.9% of the impurities present in the well water along with heavy metals. This process also removes all the possible bacteria, nitrates etc along with pesticides and herbicides that are present in the water. 

After the completion, we are left with clean water that is ready to drink.

  • Disinfecting the water.

These procedures are mainly for the wells’ owners that microbial growth is their grave concern for water. These well have fewer impurities comparatively however great growth of microbes which are very harmful.

Then disinfecting the water and well can be done by using substances like chlorine and oxide. Heat, UV rays, as well as electronic radiations, are also considered helpful for cleaning water from such conditions and creating drinkable water.

These were the basic ways through which one can create their well water as consumable and drinkable. So try these out today! 

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