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How to Increase Your Facebook and Instagram Followers

How to Increase Your Facebook and Instagram Followers in 2020

Social media plays a very important role and has become one of the important parts of our lives. The use of social media has helped us in growing our business as well as becoming popular among our friends and closed ones. We all are addicted to applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You ever wondered how your friend earned thousands of followers on her Instagram or Facebook account in a short period of time. Then here are the tips you can follow.

  1. Invite people to like your page

If you want to earn followers in a short period of time then you can invite people to like your page. It basically means you are making them aware of your existence in social media and asking them to support you by liking your page and following you.

  • Create viral content

It is the easiest and the smartest way to increase your followers. People always invest their time in things which are interesting to see. You can either share funny memes, funny videos, or relatable quotations. The more you post good contents the more you will earn the number of followers but always keep in mind if you keep on repeating the same type of contents or contents that are not interesting then you might start losing the followers you have.

  • Post-attention-grabbing contents

As mentioned earlier people always invest their time in something that is funny or interesting. Make sure whatever you post on your social media grabs the attention of the audience. Use filters and make a picture look attractive to the eyes of the followers, write contents in such a way that people read it and don’t get bored. This will not only help you to get followers but also get likes on your posts.

  • Try out Facebook and Instagram live

When you find that people are liking your posts and loving your existence in social media but you’re still not satisfied with the number of followers you have then you can try out going live on Facebook and Instagram. Tell your dear followers that you will come live at this particular time or fix a day in a week when you come to live. Tell interesting things to your followers, interact with them, answer their questions, and if you have a business tell them about it, make them aware of it. This will definitely help you to get followers.

  • Get tagged by other users of Facebook and Instagram

Another way by which you can earn followers is by getting tagged by the other users on social media. When they tag you on a particular post and people like their content, they will automatically see your name tagged in their post and then they will have the curiosity to check your page too and then they might follow you. This goes in both ways as don’t just let them tag you but you tag them too. In conclusion, getting followers will not only help you to increase your business but also help you to become popular among your friends and relatives and multiply your existence on social media. Social media is the voice of today, when all other media channels are quiet on some particular issues- social media platforms bring the matter front. It’s becoming more and more powerful with time, and it is wise to take advantage of such powerful platforms through increasing followers.

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