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How to Give Your Hardware Products a Better Chance of Selling

You might have heard the term ‘sales demo’ before, imagine that, but from a high-tech perspective, then you’ve got yourself a rough idea of what a modern-day product demo consists of. Usually, product demonstrations are a crucial component of any hardware sales process, if the demo doesn’t go well then,the product might not sell, which could make, or break any number of companies;

What is a product demo?

Essentially, a product demo is a demonstration, from a chance for an inventor or business to showcase a product. To physically show potential buyers what their product does and how it can benefit the people that it’s being shown off to. When demo equipment management from Tecdis is done properly, it could well be the start of a successful promotion campaign that attracts customers to your business and its future products.

If a company has the resources to then they will have already run and advertising campaign prior to the demo, the people present should consist of;

Pre-vetted leads

The greatest demonstrations know that they are speaking to the correct audience which helps with confidence and settles nerves, you can accomplish the same by pre-vetting leads.

Pre-vetting a lead is essential for any type of demo. It aids in establishing:

  • If the prospect is a match for your desired buyer profile
  • If your product is capable of resolving their issues
  • If it’s worthwhile to follow up with the potential

A simple way to get customers or prospects is by asking them to sign up through a business registration process, where you get the chance to obtain valuable information about people that they might usually feel awkward or uncomfortable giving out in normal conversation. As an example, asking somebody’s age or their DOB in an initial conversation might seem a bit odd, perhaps not encouraging a return visit or contact from your person/people of interest.

Tailored demos

The greatest thing about going through the ‘pre-vetting’ process is that it means now, you will have much more information than you had beforehand which will enable you to tailor your demo. You can make it even more likely that you are able to showcase a product that people actually have a need for, a common interest in, or a desire of some kind that you might have been unaware of.

As most people know, things like smell, colour and the feel of something can influence somebody much more than what it actually does. It could be the most amazing piece of equipment but, if it doesn’t smell, look, or feel right then it could be an absolute flop. Equally, if you are able to find out this kind of information prior to your demo then you could incorporate certain features into your demo and or your product that really gets people’s senses going!

Always prioritise solutions above features

The greatest demonstrations focus on selling the solution instead of a potential problem, simple psychology really, sell something based upon its ability to solve a problem, opposed to complicating things with features that don’t mean anything to anyone. To put it another way, they concentrate on how the product works to answer a prospect’s dilemma, maybe your product solves various issues, for various demographics, in which case you can arrange numerous solution-based demos targeted towards particular groups of people.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how ‘good’ your product is

For a number of hugely successful businesses, they have sold ‘an idea’, a way of life, rather than focusing on the product so much. They’ve done it so well that they’ve cornered the digital marketplace, their customers could still get a better performing product elsewhere or, get a lot more for their money but, the customer would never dream of going to another provider.

To nail it, you must research

To give your efforts the best chance of being successful, it’s absolutely vital that enough research is done beforehand, you must know your audience better than they do themselves. When you have that kind of knowledge you need to make sure that everything else that surrounds your knowledge is as impressive, you will probably need to hire team to help you to make sure that the delivery, calibration, demonstration and safe removal, including transportation to a safe holding zone are taken care of with no chance of any slip ups along the way.

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