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How to Get rid off the Traveling Scam

How to Get rid off the Traveling Scam

It is a great opportunity that you are intended to travel to the place you dreamt of with the family. But to know about things can happen there is the right thing at the right time. I remember I found about the Morocco Excursions online and arranged our family trip, but what exactly we found there was the one we were luckily ready for. To know about the norms for the destination you are going to visit this winter is important.

Tips to avoid the traveling Scams:

You can avoid the traveling scams very easily if you are smart enough to have a knowledge of the scam techniques and how to crack those scams. Hopefully, you will have a funny traveling experience this holiday.

Double Check About Your Travel Company:

It is very important to check about your travel company that if it is ATOL and APTA protected or not. These are the international regularities that can question the companies on behalf of you if you are manhandled or have some misadventure during your travel and in the hotels there too.

Get into the details of the travel company, if they are hiding and not providing you the required information, slide on the next top option and don’t get the fraud anyway. I had the very finest experience with Virikson Holidays when we visited Morocco for almost 12 days. We found their staff fully trained to help their customers and go the extra mile for that.

Because that was a package so we had to clear the Hotel protection too. Fortunately, we received every possible service from the hotel and nothing was missing, although our contract was with the hotel separately, but Virikson Holidays had a lot of contribution in this regard too.

For you, if traveling from the great United Kingdom, please double-check the facts about the licensing and services the travel company offers you. It is the first thing, now come to the second important issue, which is about the cash and credit cards on the travel destination.

Currency knowledge

Take the Currency knowledge of the Holiday destination:

As per our experience, we bought Moroccan Dirhams for the use and had learned about their value there. It is so tough to be at the place you don’t know about the currency of. You can be scammed at many places from the airport to the shopping centers, local bargaining, traveling means like a taxi, private car or even the hotel you are living at.

Better is to know about the currency and its value at home online. You will be active while exchanging your currency to the one used at your destination. Do that with the trusted currency exchange names in town. Don’t trust the locals whether they are the taxi drivers or the local vendors.

Bargaining at the local shops will give you a tough time but you have to do it. You should be accompanied by the local guide whom you can trust, he will guide you about the rates of the local products there. So be careful, don’t get any scam on the place so it will lead to a big misadventure.

Pocket-Picking is normal:

If you are in a country where the begging and crimes like snatching and murdering are normal, you are due to take the extra care of it.

Pocket-pickers and the snatchers use very smart techniques to dodge you and grab your wallet, purse with an expert hand. If you think the security is necessary, you should opt for the security from the country you are visiting or the travel company to arrange you the private security.

Carpet-Scam experience in Morocco:

I will not name the business, but that is in Fez, they stole us about 100 dollars over the two carpets. We never could found them there at the same place they scammed us. We were lead to the nearby shop by our guide and when we went there, the shopkeepers started flattering and wanted to dominate us by their talk and somehow they succeeded. As said that does not matter that how much prepared you are, mishap can happen anywhere, yes you can do something to avoid such bad experiences.


Travelers, the reason was not to identify and spread the stereotype about a certain destination. It can happen anywhere in the world. So be careful. Wherever you are going, just be careful about the sellers on street and the dominating type of shopkeepers.

Get away from the Extra friendly people:

Just be aware of the fact that extra friendly and wanna be friends are harmful. You are on the place for enjoyment purposes and not to carry long term relationships. So get away from any unnecessary offer. You may also be offered to get help regarding your atm card, and with other things related to you. So please take care of yourself a lot and be a smart traveler. My good wishes are with you!

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