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Voot app apk

How to Download Voot App for PC

Voot is Viacom 18’s one of the most in-demand apps that brings your favourite tv shows, movies, and hundreds of different programs on your fingerprint. Voot app is already very famous as a mobile app. And now it is also available for windows and Mac devices. So, now you will be able to watch your favourite Voot shows on your PC.

Voot app for PC allows you to stream your favourite shows by connecting to your TV by using Chromecast. You can also watch your favourite shows anytime even after the show off the air.

To give you a better experience this app also provides you with another wonderful feature i.e. the download option which will allow you to save your video for offline mode to stream the video when the network connection is off. Whether you can download Voot on your PC or not depends on their respective emulator.

Features of Voot App for PC

We are providing you with some great features for a better experience. Here’s the list of the features:

  • You can watch the latest episodes of your favourite TV shows just after TV.
  • You can quickly select another show for watching while watching another show.
  • Another feature of this app is that by using Discover cards, you can stream trending videos and channels.
  • You can also stream videos on TV by connecting the app using Chromecast.
  • In the PC version of the Voot app, you will also get to download by just one click and enjoy streaming offline.
  • In this app, it is straightforward to pick the show you want to watch.
  • There is also a resuming feature offered by the app i.e. if you stop any video in the middle, you can watch the video after that point when watching next time.

Voot App for Windows and Mac

This app is built for the entertainment of all generations. It has a separate section for kids that has many animated shows and cartoon shows like Chhota Bheem and Motu Patlu. These special features have made and kept this app on trending.

While Talking about the shows available on the app, it has a wide variety of TV shows and channels such as Colors Hindi, Colors Bangla, MTV, Colors Gujrati including other channels of Viacom 18. Not only in apps it streams video, but it also has web applications.

As we receive many complaints about the app while installing from Google play store, here we have attached a direct download link for VOOT app for PC.

How to Stream Using Voot App on PC

Now we will let you know how to stream videos on the VOOT app on android devices and get a life that allows you to watch unlimited shows and kid’s bedtime stories.

So, read the steps mentioned below to know the process of streaming videos on the app.

1. Open the app.

2. You can stream using the suggestions of the latest shows on the home page or search them from the search bar.

3. If you intend to watch shows other than from the trending ones on the home page you can search by the names of the shows on the home page.

4. You can also sort the shows according to the genre or category of the shows.

Requirements for downloading VOOT app on your PC

1. For downloading the app.on your PC minimum 1GB RAM is mandatory, but more than 1GB is more acceptable.

2. Minimum required processor speed is 1GHZ.

3. Most importantly you should have an Internet connection to download and install the app. Recommended speed for downloading fast is between 100 to 200 kbps.

4. If you don’t like ads interrupting your video stream then you can remove them by using Lucky Patcher App.

How to Download Voot App for PC

For downloading the app you need to follow the following steps:

1. For the download of this app, you need to download the blue stack apps player that supports all android apps on PC.

2. After downloading and installing the Blue Stack app, open the app.

3. Search for the Voot app apk in the search box, and download the app.

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