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How To Avail a Four Wheeler License in India | Step By Step Guide

Driving on your own is a passion for some and work for others. Knowing how to drive and having a permit to drive on the road gives you the freedom to go anywhere you wish to.

There are many of us who want to drive freely on the roads whereas some of us are still looking forward to an opportunity to learn driving. In India, it is mandatory for everyone to have a license to drive their four-wheelers freely on the road and it is considered as a crime to drive on roads without a license.

What Is A Driving License?

A driving license is a document that is issued by the Government of India that allows or permits a person to drive a vehicle freely on the roads in India. In this topic, we will talk about how you can get a four-wheeler license in India following the given steps below.

How Can You Apply For A Driving License In India Online?

To apply for a driving license in India online you need to follow the given steps below.

• First, you need to visit the official Sarathi website which is www.sarathi.nic.in and then you will find an option given of “Sarathi services” where you need to click.

• Then select the “New Driving license ” option and read the details to download the form.

• Once the form has been downloaded, read it carefully and fill up the details and submit it. Remember to note down the form application number before submitting the form.

• Once the submission is done you will receive an SMS that will tell you about the status of your driving license application.

• Then you need to click on “appointment for LL test” and schedule your learner’s license test.

• When you will be attending the test remember to carry the necessary documents like the age proof and the residence proof.

How Can You Apply For Driving License Offline In RTO In India?

To apply for a driving license in India offline you need to follow the given steps below.

• Firstly you need to get the application form for your learner license and then the application form for your permanent license. You can also download the form from the online website of state transport or get it directly from any nearby RTO office.

• The next step is to fill the form and submit the age proof and the address proof as asked in the nearest RTO office in your place.

• You will have to schedule your driving license test after that and then pay a fee for that to the RTO officials.

• You will have to reach the driving license test centre on the scheduled day and time and then give your driving test.

• On clearing the test, your driving license will be declared pass and will be directly sent to your registered home address.

Also, there are individuals you are learning driving from the driving schools nearby then you can ask them to help you to procure your license.

What Are The Documents Required To Be Eligible To Receive A Driving License In India?

The documents that are required to be eligible to receive a driving license in India are given below.

  1. You need to have the following documents as an address proof

• Permanent address proof

• The housing agreement

• Voters ID card

• Ration Card

• Electricity Bill

• Aadhar Card

• Passport

2. You need to have the following documents as an age proof

• Your Birth Certificate

• Pan Card

• Passport

• SSC certificate

• The certificate of school transfer along with the date of birth printed on it.

3. Some other documents that are needed are given below

• You need to have three passport size photographs for applying the learner’s license and three passport size photographs for applying for the permanent license as well.

• The application fees that are mandatory

• The duly filled application form

• If you are above the age of 40 then you need to show your medical certificate.

In conclusion, you can apply for the driving license on your own or you can also seek help from the officials of your driving school. We hope that the above topic was informative.

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