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How to Get More Sales on Amazon

How To Add A New Product On Amazon?

Waiting for days for someone to tell you how to add a new product on Amazon? Wondering how it can be done? How long will it take? Guess what? 

We have come up with all the information you need that will help you to add a new product on Amazon without any problem. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below. 

So the wait is over and let’s get started.

Step 1: Add The Product

First, you need to login into your Amazon Seller Central account. In case if you do not have an account to log in then you will have to create an account for yourself. 

You will find the seller dashboard panel where you will have to click on Add A Product under the inventory tab. While adding the product you will need to search for an appropriate product from the search result and click on the Sell button. 

Step 2: Choose The Category Of The Product

Now that you have completed the first procedure. The next procedure starts here. You will have to choose the category of the product that you are going to sell. Let’s assume that you are about to sell a skirt on Amazon. 

For this, your main category will be clothing and accessories and in subcategories, you will have to choose Women, dress, and bottom. Once you have chosen the category now you have to proceed.

Step 3: Add Details Of The Product 

Now it’s time for the third process. Here you will have to add the details of the product that you have chosen to sell. You will be shown options like vital information, variation, offer, and images. Now you need to click on the Advanced View on the right side where you will have to add description keywords and other details. 

Make sure that you fill in all the details including the manufacture part number, item title, material type, colour, fitting type, brand name, product ID, size, sleeve type, department, material composition, price, HSN code, sale price, starting date of the sale, ending date of the sale, quantity, handling time and many more. 

Make sure that you add images of better quality as high as 2000 pixels so that buyers can see the picture nicely even in the zoom. Also, add descriptions that can attract your customers.

Step 4: Add Keywords

You also get a bracket to add relevant search terms where you will need to click on the Add More option. Like we are assuming our product to be a skirt we can use terms like women skirts, denim skirt, short skirt, women denim short skirt and more. 

These keywords are search terms that buyers write on the search bar of so that the product is visible to them. These keywords will not only gain you traffic that comes to Amazon but will also help in organic ranking on the search engines like Google, Bing, etc. 

Step 5: Add Other Details

Besides this, you need to add other details too. Pack the product and you can add these further details correctly. Put the following. 

  • Right shipping weight 
  • Actual weight 
  • Package dimension
  • Name of the manufacturer (in case if you are a reseller) 
  • Package quantity 
  • The country you belong to 
  • Safety warning 
  • Style name 
  • The target gender and others.

Step 6: Finish

Once you have done filling in all the details of the products all you need to do is click save and finish. On doing this you will receive a success message that will notify you that your product has been added. 

The Amazon team will verify the details and make it available for ordering. In case if there is any problem caused during submitting the product details it will signify you by colouring the errors in red. You will need to edit all the errors and submit them again.

It is important to remember that all product detail pages should be created within fifteen minutes. Besides that, it nearly takes about two days to four days for a page to become visible and searchable on the website whereas images may take up to 24 hours.

Amazon is a great market place that has millions of customers daily. The businesses have seemed to heighten their success by selling their products on amazon. 

We hope that the above information will clear all your doubts and you will be able to add your product on Amazon without any trouble.

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