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How NetbaseQuid Social Listening Accelerates Online Marketing

The online marketplace changes from day to day. It’s becoming more dynamic and volatile. The rapidly growing amounts of information existing within a chaotic environment makes this so. Marketing teams need the understanding and tools to respond. Social listening tools advances understanding in areas of consumer behaviors and market development.

Social Listening for Today’s Market

Social listening is about bringing order to the vast amount of information available today. Information is indeed power. However, only a small fraction of it is actually used. This is because most online information is still in a very raw form. Marketing teams often operate in a chaotic environment. Listening tools that have been developed with artificial intelligence are beginning to change how we use information.

How Social Listening Can Solve Problems and Improve Time Management

When applied well, listening solutions can both solve problems and generate leads. They offer the type of deep analysis combined with the responsiveness that markers need. AI-driven tools can respond in real time to emerging issues. Keyword monitoring helps to identify issues while simultaneously providing a point of reference for how to respond. These same tools can help marketers take advantage of emerging markets and opportunities that arise by the day.

Getting the Best out of Listening Tools

Effective listening tools are a combination of intelligent design and planning. This means that developers have properly implemented AI into listening tools and planners have identified how best to use them. It’s a delicate process. Customization is also key considering how companies differ and the online environment fluctuates. Below is a list of how listening tools can be most beneficial:

●        keyword monitoring

●        effective ROI analysis

●        dynamic social sharing

●        online advocacy

●        connecting with influencers

●        tracking mentions

●        establishing benchmarks

●        overall content management

Content is king. This statement has become popular, but it’s a bit of a misnomer. Quality content is king, better describes the driving forces behind online markets. Listening tools can be instrumental in creating quality content. In fact, it has been suggested that without employing social listening, marketers will find their content at a loss.

Keyword Monitoring

Keyword monitoring deserves special attention. It’s especially beneficial for analyzing consumer behavior and connecting with potential leads. Consumer behaviors change constantly. This is why monitoring and actively responding are among the best solutions that marketers have. Keywords provide a way to gain business insights into the minds of consumers. This process has been refined into the listening tools that are available today.

Generating leads is another advantage of keyword monitoring. While most of it is owed to business insights, there is a difference in how behaviors and leads are identified. Listening tools that pair with keywords can be combined with what a business knows about its current clientele to pursue new leads. It should be apparent to a marketing team how beneficial customizable tools can be in this regard.

A Future Centered around Social Listening

Listening tools will become more important in the future. As marketing teams use them, consumers will begin to expect more out of their brands. The companies that best employ them will have the competitive edge.

About NetBaseQuid

NetBaseQuid delivers custom solutions for companies seeking to advance their understanding of consumer behavior in social media. Its services employ AI in a way that best suits social analytics for marketers. This helps businesses better reach their individual goals. At the center of its solutions is customization.

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