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How Long Does a Crush Last

How Long Does a Crush Last?

So you have a crush on someone. And don’t know how to get over it. It makes you feel more and more helpless every day if you realise that it is a person you cannot approach. 

You longingly wait for the time for it to get over. Although science says it takes about 4 months to get over a crush, there are several stages one usually goes through when they have a crush until they get over them. Some of the stages are:

Stage 1: Bubbling 

You have a crush on someone. The whole world seems to have lit up. Anything and everything related to them makes you happy. You are like the bubbliest and giddiest person alive. This is the initial flame that will light the fire of the upcoming stages.

Stage 2: Sharing

Now in this stage, you feel like sharing every little detail of your crush to anybody who is willing to, or maybe not willing to, listen. Talking about and showing the pictures of your crush to your friends 24*7 is another of the initial stages of a crush.

Stage 3: Browsing aka stalking

From googling the meaning of their name to checking out the restaurant they’ve been to, the internet becomes your partner in crime in making you crush harder on your crush. 

Hunting down their Facebook to find out what they looked like when they visited the beach at the age of 5!! Oof you need to stop there!

Stage 4: Obsession or infatuation 

At this point, it’s not the giddy bubbly crush from before. You get obsessed and infatuated with them and don’t know what to do to help it. 

If you’ve never spoken to them, you can’t find out a way to do so and if you have spoken to them before you keep analyzing every text they sent and get them checked by your friends to get reassurance. 

Stage 5: Exasperation 

Not only does taking their name to annoy your friends at this point but it exasperates you just as bad as well. You’re annoyed at how things are not working out the way you wanted them. 

You are annoyed why they are not replying back. You are annoyed at yourself for exhausting yourself this much for that one person who cares a fig about you.

Stage 6: Acceptance

At this stage, either you and your crush have genuinely expressed the feeling for each other and whatever it be, you have accepted it and calmness has returnedin your life. 

If your crush likes you back, then you both will probably be dating which will also bring an acceptance and calmness in your life. On the other hand, the annoyance of not being liked back by your crush helps you get over with it and either way you accept the reality and move on.

Don’t worry a lot about having a crush on someone. It is supposed to be fun, and give you that extra pump you need throughout the day.  You don’t have to do anything about your feelings, but you can enjoy the bitter-sweet journey of having a crush

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