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Boiling water taps

How do Boiling Water Taps Work?

Boiling water taps are perfect to offer your kitchen an upgrade this year. You can see the boiling water taps in homes and offices, but what are these wonderful systems. In simple words, a boiling water tap is a system consisting of a wall mounted tank and a lever that dispenses hot water.

Although there is a variety of boiling water taps, they all have two things in common, a boiling tank and a dispenser tap. However, most people are unaware of how these water taps work. In this post we will learn the working of boiling water taps.

Types of Boiling water taps.

Boiling Water Taps


There are three types of boiling water taps available. One is the standard water tap, and the other two are, 3 in 1 water tap and 4 in 1 boiling water tap.

Standard Boiling water tap

They will only deliver standard boiling water and often placed on the kitchen shelf where you can prepare coffee or food.

3 in 1 type

3 in 1 water taps disperse boiling water with its regular supply of hot and cold water. This is a practical solution for many people, as a boiling water tap can replace the standard tap.

4 in 1 type

4 in 1 water taps deliver standard hot water, boiling water, cold and filtered water. These water filters also remove impurities so that you get tasty and healthy water for drinking.

Working of Boiling water taps.

There is a tank that receives the water from a pipe connected to the water supply. The tank comprises a heating element and a thermostat. The heating element heats the water stored in the tank and the thermostat cuts off the electric supply to the element when the temperature of the water reaches a set value. Most boiling water taps also come with an under sink filter system. The filter system serves two purposes. First, it filters the limescale and other particles in water, and second it removes the unpleasant tastes and odors from the water to make it fit for drinking.

A hot water tap is like a big kettle that boils water and the steam escapes from a tiny outlet. But what these hot water systems do to release the steam. The proper boiling water taps come with a pressurized tank. The function of a pressurized water tank is to release the steam to vent out safely and steadily in a limited amount under the kitchen sink.

However, there are some instant water taps that do not heat the water up to 100 degree Celsius. These taps do not need a pressurized tank and release the steam from the tap itself. Such taps are not useful for everyone, especially those who use their tap occasionally. These taps need to be used regularly to let the steam be released from the system.

As the boiling water taps come with 2 in 1, 3 in 1, and 4 in 1 types, the functionality is also different for every type of tap.  A 4 in 1 tap offers your four types of water from a single lever, that is normal hot water, cold water, filtered, and boiling water. It means you don’t need different equipment for hot or cold water or filtered water. All you need to do is buy a 4 in 1 boiling water tap and you can enjoy the type of water you want instantly.

The Temperature of Boiling water tap

Although most people think that the temperature of water in these taps is close to 100 degrees that is the boiling point of water, they actually store water at a temperature lower than 100 degrees. The temperature of water delivered by a boiling tap is close to 98 degree Celsius. Some brands might claim that their taps deliver water with temperatures up to 100 degree Celsius, but you don’t need this temperature for domestic use. You can prepare tea with boiling water, but your coffee will turn bitter at 100 degrees. Therefore, you don’t need to focus on the temperature while choosing a boiling water tap system for your house.

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Final Words

Boiling water tap systems are necessary for homes and offices as they offer instant hot water that you can use for any purpose. However, it is essential to get it installed by a professional company like Coeewater filter systems and service it regularly. Now as you understand the benefits and working of boiling water taps, you can consider installing them in your home or office and enjoy instant hot water anytime.

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