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How Can Netbase Quid Help You To Achieve Your Business Goals

How Can Netbase Quid Help You To Achieve Your Business Goals

In most cases, you might find yourself buying a product or service based on the influence of major public figures. The public figures known as Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) are individuals with substantial influence in luring others to make their purchasing decisions. Most of the KOL are experts in certain aspects, making them be regarded as authentic and trustworthy. Currently, brands are using key opinion leader marketing to reach most of their target online clients. 

Examples of key opinion leaders (KOL)s

Lolly Daskal

She is one of the famous figures in leadership development. Lolly publishes intriguing leadership articles on her blog and reputable publications, including Business Insiders and She established the global leaders and executive coaching organization, and her latest book, named the Leadership Gap highlights comprehensive ideas on how one can become a better leader.

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm is a Canadian public speaker and journalist with at least five book publications. He has continued to write for the New Yorker for more than 20 years, an idea that has helped him to gain a substantial influence in the psychology and sociology field. He co-founded Pushkin Industries and hosted the podcast known as Revisionist History.

Lynda Gratton

Lynda is the founder of Hot Spots movements and an expert in organizational behavior. Currently, she is a professor working at the Department of Management at the London Business School. She has managed to public numerous notable researches and books. She wrote her latest book, known as the 100-Year Life with Andrew Scott, which reveals the practical ideas one can live a more fulfilling life by engaging in improved relationships and better financial planning.

How brands can start to use KOLs

Most of the customer’s trust earned media, including the opinion of critical leaders over your business’s internal messaging. In this case, you might not wish to find yourself on the wrong side. That means by consistently monitoring your KOLs, and you can easily know the potential market opportunities or threats based on their outlook. A faster understanding of your industry viewpoint will enable you to shift your messaging to better drive your narrative. While you might find some KOLs inaccessible to work with your brand directly, you can look for opportunities to affiliate yourself with them. The opportunities can include inviting them to provide keynote addresses on the subject of your industry and through sporing research.

Identifying Key Opinion Leaders

Before you hire an influencer, you should comprehensively understand your customer scope. Remember, every key opinion leader has their type of followers. For instance, if you are dealing with baby items, getting a leader who is a mother or has a newborn baby can be the best option. It would help if you also looked for KOL who shares values with your brand to enhance credibility. The KOL should also have an in-depth knowledge of the current market situation, how they can positively impact your brand and the type of topics to initiate.

When identifying the KOL, you should focus on one who understands your product, business, and marketing aspects of your region. The leaders should have a full idea of pitching a product or service to followers without appearing that your brand is paying them to undertake such an initiative. In this case, the pitch should be natural to attract instant reaction from their influencers.

How can Netbase Quid help you to achieve your business goals?

Netbase Quid refers to a market and consumer intelligence platform that offers accurate and real-time Social Media Analytics solutions which can assist your business to flourish. Its natural language processing technology can classify and understand complex language to ensure that your business manages to make appropriate decisions based on inaccurate data. Netbase Quid encompasses several online platforms, including product reviews, blogs, and social media sites that can offer you data to better understand your brand trends. Such an aspect can play a critical role in helping you know whether your influencer positively affects your business.

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