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High Advanced Psychiatrist Treatment In Jaipur By Dr. Sanjay Jain

Psychology is the study of the human mind, and it can be broadly defined as it informs human behavior. Ranging from counselors and clinical researchers, professions for psychologists are as diverse as social behaviors.

High advance Psychiatrist treatment is never comfortable, but the following article has designed to assist potential patients by discussing industry trends, degree paths, primary responsibilities, and skills shared by Dr. Sanjay Jain, psychology professional. Anyone interested in psychiatrists can use the information provided to take advantage of the modern technology treatment in Jaipur. 

How To Choose The Best Advanced Psychiatrist Treatment In Jaipur? 

  • Check whether high-class treatment can be possible or not using modern technology.
  • Using various updated psychiatric apps and tools can help to generate reports.
  • Services should be up to the mark.
  • Ensuring the privacy and safety of these technologies that keep data confidential.
  • The consultation fee should be nominal and not to be more than Rs.300 to 500.
  • According to the illness, they should be given proper medicine in minimum quantity.
  • Charges, including medicine, consultation, and another checkup, should be at the best price.
  • The behavior/Nature of the doctor should be calm and patient.
  • The doctor must experience more than ten years in his field.

Using Internet To Increase Access To Evidence-Based Treatment For OCD

  • Computer-assisted and internet-based treatment expand accessibility for those who have barriers to care.
  • Restrictions that sometimes limit during face-to-face interactions.
  • Because of barriers to care, few patients receive this as clinical practice, despite documented evidence for ERP.
  • Evidence-based treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy with exposure response prevention (ERP). 

Evaluation Of Evolving Potential of Mobile Psychiatry

Current Barriers

  • Issues of potential privacy and confidentiality.
  • Safety of specific mobile apps issues and lack of current clinical data for efficacy.
  • Liability concern.
  • Reviewing electronic data and reimbursement for the time taken.

Future Solutions

  • Trials of high-quality clinics and evaluation of risk to benefit.
  • Ensuring privacy and safety should be the primary concern.
  • Review all legal policies.
  • Creating professional and ethical integrated guidelines.

Best Leading Psychiatrist Treatment In Jaipur

Dr. Sanjay Jain (Highly Advanced Psychiatrist in Jaipur)


  • MD-Psychiatry 
  • NLE 

Dr. Sanjay Jain has more than 15 years of experience in his medical domain. In 1998 he started his medical career and later on become a highly qualified senior psychiatrist in Jaipur. Dr. Sanjay Jain attain his MBBS and MD in psychiatry degree from SMS Medical College and Hospital from Jaipur.

Dr. Sanjay Jain is very concerned about his Psychiatry and he believes to cure the patients by prescribing less medication to them. His aim is to make the world free from mental problems as much as possible by giving them effective and proper medication.

Work Experience

  • Around 15 Years of experience as a mental health expert of a psychiatrist.
  • Working as a Consultant Psychiatrist currently in Jain Neuropsychiatry Jaipur.
  • Worked in SMS medical college as Resident Psychiatry, Jaipur.
  • Worked as Investigator in Mental Health Care, Mental Health expert and Research work, Jaipur.
  • Dr. Sanjay Jain also worked as NLE in Bracket Neurosciences.
  • CRA from Singapore.
  • He operated as CRC.

Key Accomplishments of Sanjay Jain 

  • Dr. Sanjay Jain is a member of the Rajasthan Medical Council.
  • He has completed different international research projects on Depression, Schizophrenia, and CRA.
  • Achieved various rating scales in psychiatry including – PANSS, CGI-S, CGI-I, AIMS,  BARS, SAS, HAM-D, MADRS, HAMA
  • For different rating scales, he is a trainer for psychiatrists in India.
  • He has finished various dissertations on the topic:-
    • A study of Neurocognitive impairment
    • Soft neurological signs
    • Disability in Euthymic patients of Bipolar affective disorder.
  • He also conducted various topics on:- 
    • stress management
    • Anger management
    • lectures in institutes, and colleges.

Responsibilities of an Exceptional Psychiatrist include

  • Diagnose patients effectively.
  • Prescribe proper treatment for patients.
  • The doctor should belive in providing less medication and better results.
  • Always test first before confirming the diagnosis.
  • The doctors should have a keen observation that helps to test patients deeply.
  • The report of the patients has to keep very confidential and update the records on a regular basis.

Working Hours

Monday 9:30am-1pm, 5-8pm

Tuesday 9:30am-1pm, 5-8pm

Wednesday 9:30am-1pm, 5-8pm

Thursday 9:30am-1pm, 5-8pm

Friday 9:30am-1pm, 5-8pm

Saturday 9:30am-1pm, 5-8pm

Sunday Closed

Online Video That Makes Him Advance Psychiatrist



So, this is why Dr. Sanjay Jain provides a High Advanced Psychiatrist Treatment in Jaipur as he is highly qualified and has national as well as international degrees. He used modern technologies to assist the patients and have a keen observation of them. 

Book an appointment with Dr. Sanjay Jain to cure the psycho problems as he is highly recommended. If someone is interested in being cared for wisely then Dr. Sanjay Jain is the best option. I am sure after reading this article, you will make the difference between good and correct psychiatrist for you.

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