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Long Distance Relationship During COVID

Having A Long Distance Relationship During Global Pandemic: How It Works?

Long distance relationships are stressful and depressing. Despite the fact that there are numerous apps that provide us with an opportunity to talk to our loved ones even when they are thousands of kilometers away from us, this is not enough in most cases. The apps only give us a chance to see and hear our loved ones, but what’s most important is to feel their touch and be able to hold them and this, unfortunately, is impossible through apps. There are multiple studies about the effects of hugging and how it releases stress because showing support is very important for us humans on an emotional level. However, any of this is highly unlikely in a virtual relationship.

Long distance relationships are stressful itself without adding the craziness of global pandemics. Due to numerous restrictions that have been inflicted on us, we have to deal with increased pressure and anxiety in every aspect of our lives. The fact that we are more limited in our actions and freedom of movement than ever before takes its toll on our lives. Having a distant relationship in this chaos, being unable to travel to your loved one and unaware of when you will see each other can be more devastating than any other problems we have to face during a pandemic. As someone who is in a long distance relationship herself, I have decided to collect some ideas for making your relationship less travail in these crazy days:

  • Communication is a Key

I know we all are part of a hustle culture and if you are not burning the candles at both ends, society makes you feel worthless. So we are drawn into overwork and exploitation of our time and energy. Nevertheless, despite how busy you or your partner are, it is vital to maintain regular and frequent communication. And by this, I do not mean texting. Hearing the tone of your significant other or noticing their mood by the expression of their face is a connection that can not be obtained by texting. Hence, if you want to maintain a complete understanding of each other, then you should video call each other often.

  • Make Each Other Happy With Surprises

Distance relationship needs much more effort to keep the fire burning than any other relationship. It is so easy to wake up one day and realize that the person you loved months ago is not actually The ONE. Forgetting your partner’s face, voice, smell and the way they made you feel is the beginning of falling out of love. In order to avoid this, you should try your best not to lose the sparkle by arranging surprises and making their day or even a week special with little presents. To avoid the burdens of logistics, you can simply order stuff through online gift shops, of which there are many in any city or state.

  • Start A New Hobby

Pandemic has many drawbacks, but one biggest advantage it provides all of us with is time. Now we all have more time to pursue our goals, hobbies, or interests. If you are depressed or mentally exhausted, this might not sound ideal but give it a try, whilst you are in the process of creating something new you might discover that it is more enjoyable than initially assumed. You can start a social media account with your partner and become popular quickly by getting social media followers easily. Starting a social media account will help you connect with your partner more, and if your account proves successful, might become a considerable source of income for you two. If you are not into virtual careers, you can try a physical activity in nature such as hiking, skiing, or cycling, which will contribute to refreshing your mind and fill you with energy.

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