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SEO Techniques

Get More Organic Traffic with These SEO Techniques

SEO is an extensive field that offers results only when the techniques are right. The thing is, the techniques are involving as quick as flash and thus we need to keep with the pace of the technical world and keep refurbishing the approaches we use to improve the ranking of the website.

We here need to know that Google, the top used searched engine relies upon an advertisement for money-making, and thus it becomes hard for users who need organic traffic. But techniques that we are providing below are suggested by the experts of Tampa SEO agency and will help you attain the highest rank on the Google search engine.

Make sure that User Experience Must Be Best throughout the Site

Google or any other search engine work on the same approach i.e. rendering the best solution or answer to the user’s query. They keep user’s convenience at the top of their priorities list, as without impressing the users, there is no way for them to survive. And, by understanding this simple fact, you can grow more than ever. All you need is to create a website that offersthe best solution for the topics that have been covered on the site; no matter how minor the topic is, a well-researched and informative article will surely get noticed by the search engine as well as users.

Now, only this user-experience is determined by various other factors such as speed of page loading, bounce rate, interlinking, and engagement.

It is Important to Use HTML tags properly

On-page SEO is all about optimizing the already written content by taking care of few additional aspects and this is when the HTML tags come in handy. However, with time the use of HTML tags has been restricted to the main 5 tags only. So, instead of using so many tags, just focus on the five top-most HTML tags. Let’s see what they are and how to use them:

  • Title Tag

Title tags are used to represent the subject of the particular webpageand help SERPs to understand what this webpage is all about in just one sentence.

  • Meta Description

The Meta description can be defined as a short paragraph that is placed beneath the website’s title and URL. It can be called a lengthier version of the Title tag since it is also used to determine the major subject of the webpage. Missing it would affect the overall quality of the webpage and thus creating a precise Meta description is essential for letting SERP know with which query the webpage matches.

  • Robots Txt

Robots Txt is another quite vital HTML that directs the crawlers through your website page and helps you control which pages you want to index and where you need to block the path of the crawlers.Some most famous Robot Txt is noindex, nofollow, noimageindex, noarchive, nosnippet, unavailable_after.

  • Canonical Tag

A canonical tag is used when you want to highlight one webpage out of many identical ones. Duplication usually affects the effectiveness of your website, a little amount of it can be handled with canonical tags (only when duplication is inevitable), but excessive duplication can harm the authenticity factor of your website.

  • Image Alt Text

The Image Alt text is used for describing the parameters of the images posted in the content. Alt texts show the certain qualities of the image so that it can be displayed in the search queries.

Design a Mobile-Friendly Website

We know that most of the web users come from mobile and stats have revealed that the number of mobile users is increasing rapidly. It has been stated that 77% of Americans use smartphones, 79% of users make purchases from a smartphone, and 80% of mobile users avoid visiting physical stores and read reviews on their mobile phone first. Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website would give you the best results in the terms of conversion. Give your best when it comes to the mobile version of your website. This secret tip will give you unrealistic success.

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