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Top Hottest Garden Decoration Tips for summers

Summer is a season of colours and greenery. Especially home gardens, they make you feel happier, peaceful, and energetic. Are you searching for some tips to decorate your garden this summer? Then you are in the right place, we are here to give you some tips to make your garden look much more beautiful, classy, elegant and alive. Just try these steps and make your garden your “Happy Place”.

·      Twinkle Lights:

Whether its day or night, twinkle lights are the best decorative. While at night, ate little lights make up for a Fairy tale Garden, in the daytime, the battle of Globe between them and the summer sunlight is amazing. Add twinkle lights to your garden and makes it glow with blooming flowers.

·      Colourful Furniture:

If you have a beautiful garden, painted or colored furniture will enhance the environment. Be it filled up with colours or monochrome, it all sets up with flowers and leaves and adds up a majestic beauty to your garden.

·      Potted Plants:

If you don’t have a big Garden but a list of plants to be added in it goes never-ending, potted plants are the solution. They occupy less space and make your garden alive. You may DIY or buy it from stores. Hang them or place them somewhere, they always seem appealing.

·      Decoration on side walls:

Along with the garden, the side-walls should also be enchanting. Paintings or other creative works would do it for you. Mandalas with the flowery pattern are something you can always rely on. It would be more pleasing if paintings and creative works have a leafy theme. Wooden frames with flowery artworks will make it stunning.

·      Colorful Clothes:

In summer, adding colors is amazing. If you are struggling with a painted wall or colorful furniture, bed-sheets, table-clothes will be your savior. Use vibrant tablecloth linens on your tables and drape a colorful bed sheet on the walls or lay them down to sit on it or make a shade out of it as summers and colors makeup best with each other.

·      Furniture with potted plants:

Joining two different ideas, DIY or bought pots with plants in it would look ravishing with a wooden ladder or any such furniture. Summers are playful, so you can paint your pot in a funny way or with delicacy, just the way you want it. Painting your potted plants will make you experience a sense of satisfaction and happiness. Try them!

·      Path of stones:

Stones can be very decorative if used creatively. You can lay a path of flat stones or tiles or even old bricks. It would give a feel of fairyland. This is one of the great and creative ideas to try out this summer! Pick your stones and colour them, decorate them, place them, and then appreciate yourself!

·      Colourful Cushions:

If you have a sofa-set in your garden, be creative and try to pair them with colourful cushions. It will make the whole garden charismatic. You can also, place them under the shade, so while you lay down appraising nature and your garden, you have something to grab.

·      Birdbath:

Get creative with your birdbath, along with adding water, add some pearls, shells, oysters, and painted STONES. Painted Stones in the water looks blissful. Pearls are itself a pure delight. Your birdbath would’ve never looked so winsome and splendid.

Final Words

Summer comes with blooming and flowers are a gift of nature. Now, let’s get creative and add up a bit of more beauty in them as a return gift. Decorating your garden is a relaxing and amazing thing one should definitely try! Be it any way, but just make it mesmerizing that your mind gets bound to appreciate it.

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