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FamiSafe – Learn how to protect your children from kidnapping with this child tracker

In recent years we have seen how our lifestyle has undergone a huge change, the Internet and Social Networks provide numerous benefits to our day today. However, something so novel and that has been introduced globally in our lives, reaching more than 90% of adolescents in our society, also involves risks.

The potential for child abduction is getting bigger from year to year

The more often children are connected to the Internet, it is correlated with the increasing number of cases of child kidnapping around the world. Some children now have their own social media accounts, actively interacting with many people online. This situation creates a security flaw. The security gap in question is that it is easier for child predators to find their targets.

Predators can find children in their environment more easily. They can search based on criteria that they set themselves. That means kids are even more insecure and if you are one of those worried parents then the FamiSafe Parental Control App is for you.

FamiSafe is a child tracker, which means that it functions as a location tracker for children. If you apply this tool you can find out their real location, anytime and anywhere. Of course, assuming they have their cell phones with them because FamiSafe is an application that is built into the cell phones of your children.

The location tracker is not only capable of tracking, but is also capable of creating specific zones called safe zones. Safe zones are a kind of limiting zones where if your children come out or come into these zones, you will receive a kind of warning. Suppose you are designing a safe zone from your house to a radius of 5 km. If your kids go more than 5 km then you will get a warning. If applied properly, you can prevent your children from being invited by others to dangerous / unknown places.

As a child tracker, FamiSafe offers many features, not limited to tracking and creating safe zones. This application also allows you to manage your children’s online activities. This is very important because ordinary child kidnapping starts from online interactions. Not only that, but this app can significantly prevent cyberbullying, pornography, and Internet addiction.  Here are other useful features:

– Web browser monitor – With the app, it is easy to control all your children’s browsing history on the internet as well as block pornography sites, casinos, among others.

– Time control on the screen – Children usually have no control over how much time they spend in front of the phone, but you can do that. You can block their screen at certain times, for example when they are sleeping or going to school.

– Application blocker – This is a very interesting function because it allows you to monitor which applications your children use most, which ones they downloaded or uninstalled.

– Flexible control – The biggest advantage of the App is, without a doubt, that you can have control of everything we mentioned above without even having to pick up your child’s cell phone. You only need to pick up his smartphone once to install FamiSafe inside, as the app needs to be on both devices (yours and his phone). Once installed you will be able to control all the features remotely.

How to download

After all these advantages, you must also be in the mood to download the app. Know that to start using the app is very simple, you just need to follow the following steps:

1. The first step is to access the App Store or Google Play and search for the FamiSafe app. As soon as you find it, just install it on both cell phones, which will control and what will be controlled. Here are the download links:

Google Play

App Store


2. Once installed you must register a member account within the application, the instructions are very easy to follow and you will have no problems with that.

3. Once this is done, you only need to connect and monitor the children’s cell phone from the parents’ cell phone. Then just configure the functions you want, the restrictions you want and that’s it! Just enjoy this wonder!


There are three pricing plans that you can choose from; monthly, quarterly, and annual. Here is the explanation:

Monthly: $ 9.99 / month (you can protect up to 5 devices)

Quarterly: $ 19.99 / 3 months (you can cover up to 10 devices)

Annual: $ 59.99 / year (you can protect up to 30 devices)


FamiSafe is what you need to keep your kids in control. You can track them anytime and anywhere. With this tool, you also don’t have to steal the opportunity to spy on their cell phones. You can do it remotely and everything is within your control.

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