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Exotic Natural Paradise Bora-Bora

Exotic Natural Paradise Bora-Bora

Bora-Bora is one of those exotic destinations that you can still visit with the feeling of being in another world, a natural paradise hidden in French Polynesia. Its main attractions are its beaches, crystal clear waters dotted with these coral reefs, observing the underwater and overwater bungalows. And as I said that Bora-Bora is one of the exotic natural paradise and if you love natural places like this then you will enjoy here but if you like TV programs and other programs then you should use showtime anytime com activate for your entertainment.

Such incentives have made the island to become a favorite destination to spend the honeymoon, a romantic destination, but the influx of tourism is contained, mainly due to the distance between these land almost anywhere. And it’s not cheap to get.

It can be considered a luxury destination, as the cost of tourist stay is quite high, thus attracting senior tourism. For many, it is “the trip of a lifetime” for what they have saved for a special event.

Bora-Bora was a volcanic origin, and the great volcano that emerged today their land is covered by lake waters. The first feeling you have to land on its small airport from Tahiti is to find in the pamphlets that talk about the paradise of turquoise waters and white sands. Possibly the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

There are many luxury hotels, Polynesian-style bungalows built over the waters of the lagoon of Bora-Bora, where breakfast can get on board a canoe. These areas tend to exploit the native environment, integrating, as far as it goes, in the landscape. In addition to the luxury hotels along the sea can also find more affordable pension less idyllic surroundings.

This island is small, just over 30 square miles of territory, and the large lagoon that communicates with the sea is also bordered by the coral reef. At the airport we see the lagoon and main island in front, with Mount Otemanu with its 727 meters is the highest point.

The main island is surrounded by “Motus”, islets elongated typically with some width and vegetation. One of the most beautiful and photographed motus of Polynesia is the Motu Tapu. From Bora-Bora, we can see the nearby islands of Tahaa, Raiatea, and Maupiti.

Inside the lagoon, that we can go canoeing, glass-bottom boat, swimming or diving, there are several islets. You can also make an excursion to the coral reef to snorkel and admire the rich and colorful underwater life.

Water sports are the star of the activities in Bora-Bora. We can also enjoy the sunset from a catamaran. Or choose to rest some of the beaches of Bora-Bora, Matira Beach south of the island, most famously characterized by its white sands and warm, shallow waters.

Lagoonarium in the marine park, located on a private island, you can see and swim with various animals such as turtles, rays, dolphins, goldfish …

At Le Meridien is a marine park of the sea where more than 100 specimens of sea turtles and can swim with them.

Bora-Bora is the main village of Bora-Bora, where we can visit the craft center, or Alain Gerbault’s grave, a famous navigator who went around the world solo in 1929. We can visit the nearby towns of Faaniu and Anau, where we also find all kinds of crafts Polynesian (colored sarongs, jewelry, stone and wood sculptures, Monoi oil 

The Musee de la Marine in Faanui exposes some 40 models of boats: canoes, tuna, legendary aircraft as the “Kon-Tiki”, “Bounty” and “Calypso” 

There is no public transport. It is possible that lead jeep safaris into Bora-Bora, but the site also can travel by rental car or, better, by bicycle or horse, a more natural way of getting into the countryside and see traces of Polynesian temples during the ride.

We may also make a trip to the top of Pahia (619 meters), three hours away from dense and rich vegetation with outstanding orchids. The views from high above the sea and nearby islands are the best reward.

In July we celebrate with the people of the island the party of “Heiva”. In any corner of the hotel and island celebrations are held and various cultural events, highlighting the spectacular traditional dances.

If we talk about food, Bora-Bora has a delicious culinary tradition that delights us with jams made based on exotic fruits, seafood cuisine with seafood and fish. Find a mixture of French and international dishes and Tahitian specialties, often served at the rate of traditional songs and dances.

It is common to find dishes that combine the typical Polynesian vegetables, the Uru, the yam (or age), a tuber that is usually served with fish or meat and other cooked tubers buried in typical furnaces Tahitians.

Do not forget drinks, delicious cocktails like the maitai (a mixture of rum, Cointreau and fresh pineapple) and Coralia Banana (fresh bananas, lemon juice, strawberry syrup, and coconut), but surely you know to find your preferred combination.

There are alternatives to eat outside the hotels. The most popular restaurants are in Bay Pofai: Bloody Mary’s, Villa Mahana, Bora-Bora Kaina Hut … In and Matira find snacks and more economical options.

Getting to Bora-Bora and recommendations

Bora-Bora is an island of French Polynesia located north of Tahiti, 260 kilometers from the capital of Papeete. To get there from anywhere in the world must first pass through Tahiti. The gateway to Tahiti and her islands is the international airport in Papeete.

There in the terminal inter-island flights can take the flight to Bora-Bora. Air Tahiti has five or six daily flights of about 50 minutes to the airport in Bora-Bora, Motu Mute. There are also flights from Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea, Rangiroa, Manihi and Tikehau. By sea, access is only possible in cargo crossings which are slow and minimal amenities.

Bora-Bora airport is situated on a reef. The ticket includes the boat transfer to Bora-Bora, the main urban center of the island. They travel a few minutes more, although it is the only way to reach the main island.

Bora-Bora is a safe destination; we will simply take the usual precautions for keeping the money and documents in the hotel safe.

There are also no health problems, so you can drink and eat in peace. What we can not forget is sun protection and precautions when driving.

The official language is Tahitian, and also speaks fluent French. In the resorts also tend to speak English. The currency of French Polynesia is the French Pacific franc (XPF), although in many places accept Euros and of course credit cards. You can also change money at banks or ATMs.

The best time to travel to Bora-Bora is from May through October, as the weather is cooler and less humid than in other months, although rains are likely combined with the sun. The rest of the year is common storms like hurricanes. For diving, the best months are from April to June. We hope that this walks through Bora-Bora in French Polynesia you have an appetite traveler, and soon return with new exotic trips that you may have to choose a different destination.

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