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PDF Tools For Professionals

Do Your Admin Tasks With These PDF Tools For Professionals

Most professionals from all fields have encountered working with PDF files. These files are simple to manage and maintain high standards. It has to balance the features that are important in business documents. These qualities made it in demand format for documents in every profession. Most computers can open this file. Even with your internet browser, you may access a document in this format. You don’t need to download and install a PDF Reader. It has a smaller size compared to Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.

Moreover, rather than bringing your bulky laptops, you can access these files through portable electronic devices. Tablets and Ipads now have the basic capacities of computers. Thus, having the best tool to create a PDF file is an advantage. It is important as well to be able to merge your PDF files and protect the confidential ones. If you choose to print a PDF format, the pages will be of high quality since it will be read as a picture.

PDFBear: Combine Multiple PDF Documents

Another useful tool for professionals is the one that allows you to merge PDFs. It is applicable when you have multiple Reports in PDF format that you want to submit or send in one go. It is easier for the receiver to download the file rather than having multiple documents in a folder. A tool to compress the file is a bonus for faster upload and download for online file sharing. A file with hundreds of pages may lag when opened on a device with small disk space available. With PDFBear, you can merge your documents in just four mouse clicks.

PDF Converter From and To Different Document Formats

Three basic conversion tools you as a professional should have are:

  • Word to PDF: You create your documents in word processing software, but it is more formal to present them in PDF format.
  • Excel to PDF: The Excel to PDF converter for finance professionals. The numbers and formulas will be protected when using PDF. Moreover, you can avoid the data being deleted accidentally, especially formulas in your spreadsheet when you convert to a PDF file.
  • PowerPoint to PDF: This conversion tool is beneficial to marketing professionals during presentations. You must convert PowerPoint to PDF format before you share the file with your client. It is easier for them to review your proposals, and they can access them on their phone and tablets.

Like Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, and Google Docs, most office software allows the conversion of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to PDF. Thus, if you want a fast and easy option, you can opt to do this online with online conversion tools like PDFBear. However, you cannot convert your PDF back to the other file formats using some of the available Word processors. This function is not yet available in most office software. If you want to make revisions and don’t have the original file, you may use offline or online software specially designed to perform the task.

A Tool to Protect Your Files

In the business world with a high level of competition, we must protect the documents’ privacy. Government agencies also deal with a lot of confidential documents. And since we are now under a health crisis where we try our best to avoid contact, we send and share our documents online. This includes bidding prizes for items and projects, also with project contracts and legal documents. With PDFBear, you can protect your files by encrypting them with a password. Just make sure that the password will be shared with the other person through safe and undocumented channels to avoid leakage.

In Conclusion

The use of PDF file format shows formality. It is greatly used in professional work settings. The robust tools like the converter, merger, and password protection will help you in your administrative tasks. It will help you present every document in a very professional manner. You will save time in doing the tasks assigned to you with these tools. Start choosing the best software that you are comfortable using. If you find it easy to convert and edit your files online, PDFBear is a good software choice.

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