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control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy

How to Control Blood Sugar Level during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage of a woman’s life. Being a mother has a wonderful effect on a woman’s life and she does every possible thing to keep her baby safe. A woman starts facing several kinds of changes during pregnancy on her health and one of them is the increase of the blood sugar level during pregnancy. A woman can have diabetes before her pregnancy or can develop gestational diabetes but it is important to control the blood sugar levels in both cases. There are ways in which you can control your blood sugar levels so let’s have a look at the tips.

  • Get involved in doing physical activities

Getting involved in physical activities is the best way to avoid problems of high blood sugar levels. When your body is involved in doing any kind of activity then your body uses more glucose. This will help to lower your blood sugar level. Keeping your body active will also help you to maintain your weight during pregnancy.

  • Exercising

Another great tip to control your blood sugar level is to do exercises. This will also involve the use of glucose and control your blood sugar level. When doing exercise your body will become less insulin resistant and this will help in many ways. Doing exercise will also help you to maintain the body, keep your heart healthy, improve your sleep, reduce stress and give you a good mood.

  • Eating fruits in a small portion

Eating fruits in small portions at a time will help a lot. Fruits are nutritious and have natural sugars so eat fruits only one serving at a time. Avoid drinking fruit juice or fruit that comes canned in syrup. Try having one small piece of fruit or a cup of mixed fruit.

  • Avoid drinks

It is better if you avoid fruit juice as fruits have natural sugar present in them. Because juice comes in liquid form they will increase the blood sugar level quickly so avoid it as much as possible and also avoid drinking regular sodas or sugary soft drinks. If you want to have ones then consume those of diet drinks and crystal light.

  • Take insulin

Most of the time the blood sugar level also decreases and the doctor suggests taking insulin. Taking insulin doesn’t mean that you and the baby are in danger. It means that there are certain complications that neither the food diet nor exercise can control. At the end of the day what matters is to keep your blood sugar level in control no matter how much insulin it takes. In conclusion, it is important to take precautions during pregnancy. The risk factors for developing pregnancy could be because the woman is overweight or is a smoker or stays around smokers. The age of the woman also matters or the family history of being a patient of diabetes and more. It is important to control your blood sugar levels and also test it regularly only if your doctor says so. We hope the above tips have helped you to understand how you can control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy and take care of yourself and your baby. Wish you wonderful motherhood, good health for you and the baby, stay safe, stay blessed!

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