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Common Addiction Symptoms

Common Addiction Symptoms That Let You Know It is Time for Treatment

The dangers of addiction are intense enough that it is important to know how to spot them before it takes over your life. These symptoms break down into a handful of different categories that you need to fully grasp to protect yourself and others from falling a victim to lifelong addictive patterns. If you are suffering from addiction and need help identifying your symptoms, please click here to find out more about how rehab can help you steer through these types of problematic behaviors.

Physical Problems Triggered by Addiction

Most people start to notice physical addiction symptoms before they experience any emotional troubles. Knowing what kind of issues this problem can cause is critical because it can allow you to steer away from abusive behaviours and become a happier and healthier person. Just a few physical addiction symptoms that you can expect include:

  • Lung damage caused by smoking and excessive amounts of drugs
  • Withdrawal symptoms whenever you quit using
  • Intense cravings that make you very unhappy and unhinged
  • Severe diarrhoea or constipation – varies depending on the addiction
  • Changes in appetite that come and go with intensity
  • Trouble falling asleep or intense sleepiness
  • Changes in appearance, such as aging symptoms
  • Heavily increased tolerance to most types of drugs

This scenario is a tough one to overcome because it may cause you to fall back into addictive patterns of behaviour in order to avoid this type of pain. Unfortunately, this situation also typically triggers intensive psychological and emotional troubles that may be just as hard to overcome. Understanding these factors can help you manage your addiction by getting help right away with professionals.

Emotional Troubles Will Start Next

After you are heavily hit by physical pain and suffering caused by your addiction, there’s a good chance that you’ll run into emotional problems. These issues typically centre around the impact drugs have on your ability to control your actions. Some people may find that they simply cannot take care of themselves as they did in the past and need real help. Just a few psychological problems include:

  • Struggles with anxiety and depression caused by addiction
  • Using drugs to overcome these emotional troubles or at least mask them
  • Obsession with taking drugs and becoming cantered on this activity
  • Sudden increase in risky behaviours that would otherwise have been avoided
  • Troubles interacting with friends and family members as easily as you did in the past
  • Paranoia about drug-taking and law professionals tracking you down
  • Mood swings that can be quite intense in their severity
  • Inability to feel happy or connected with others as you did in the past

The intensity of these emotional troubles can trap a person in an addictive pattern by making them believe that they NEED these substances to be happy. Getting trapped in this situation is often a very harrowing problem indeed and requires professionals who fully understand this care. If not, you are likely to experience social problems that may make your life even harder to tolerate.

Socialization Troubles May Develop

Drug abuse can degrade to the point where it starts affecting how well you interact with other human beings and limiting your socialization skills. When you are addicted to drugs, you are likely to start:

  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Quitting doing things you love
  • Struggling to connect with non-drug-users
  • Denying you have a problem
  • Creating stashes
  • Running into legal troubles

At this point, your addiction is undeniable and is something that must be properly assessed and managed right away to stay healthy. Thankfully, addiction treatment can give you that help and ensure that you are safe.

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