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Check Out 6 Outstanding Places to Visit in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

Check Out 6 Outstanding Places to Visit in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh!

There are scores of places to visit in Chamba, the picturesque town situated on the banks of the pristine river Ravi. Himachal Pradesh’s small but scenic Chamba district is among the most stunning albeit offbeat destinations to explore in India. Just look at a few Chamba Himachal Pradesh photos online to see what we mean. Browse through the Chamba tourist places map and you will get an idea of how many awesome places to visit in Chamba there are! Draw up plans to explore this hidden gem in Himachal Pradesh this vacation. Have the most exciting albeit offbeat holiday yet!

Top Chamba tourist places to explore:

Is Chamba worth visiting? It most definitely is! Chamba district is among the stunning places in India that deserve more travelers. There are plenty of exciting places to visit in Chamba even if making an unplanned short trip on last-minute flights. Check out some of the best ones listed below and decide where you’d like to begin sightseeing stint from!

1. Khajjiar Lake

Khajjiar Lake

Located over 1900 m above sea level, Khajjiar Lake is among the most beautiful lakes in the state. Encompassed by majestic cedar forests and sparkling snow-clad mountains, this is among the most picturesque places to visit in Chamba. The Floating Island is the topmost attraction at Khajjiar Lake drawing in a large number of visitors. There are plenty of nearby places to visit in Khajjiar as well. If you’re lucky enough to visit during a bright sunny day, you’ll be rewarded with mesmerizing views of Mount Kailash from here.

2. Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Placed atop a hill, the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary can be found as you make your way along to Khajjiar or Dalhousie. Offering a welcome respite from stressful city life, the sanctuary is blessed with verdurous greenery and an amiable ambiance. It’s also dotted with spectacular trekking trails that avid hikers will love to explore. The place happens to be a paradise for bird lovers. Some of the most gorgeous bird species you can spot here include the Grey-headed Canary, Eurasian Jay, and pheasants among others.

3. Laxmi Narayan Temple

Laxmi Narayan Temple

For spiritually inclined travelers arriving in the region on business class flights, this is among the best places to visit in Chamba. Not just a popular pilgrimage spot, the Laxmi Narayan Temple holds immense historical significance as well. Built sometime in the 10th century, the temple is an architectural marvel. Its complex has separate portions that are dedicated to Hindu deities Vishnu and Shiva. Intricate carvings cover the temple’s exterior walls while wooden roofs protect it from harsh snowfall.

4. Bhuri Singh Museum

Bhuri Singh Museum

This is among the best places to visit in Chamba for history buffs who wish to know more in detail about the place. Dedicated to Raja Bhuri Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Chamba, the museum houses artifacts that date all the way back to his rule. You’ll be able to look at invaluable exhibits that include ancient coins, antique jewelry, frescoes, musical instruments, carved doors, sculptures, and royal apparel among other things. Visit and learn more about the fascinating past of the Chamba district.

5. Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal

The remarkable red palace is among the most popular places to visit in Chamba Himachal Pradesh. Built sometime in the 18th century by Raja Umaid Singh, the striking fortress is a sublime blend of Mughal and British architectural styles. There are remarkable wall paintings that beautify the bastion interiors. Presently, it has been turned into an Emporium of sorts where you can buy spectacular local handicrafts, stylish footwear, and embroidered silks among other things.

6. Chaugan

Chaugan happens to be among the best places to visit in Chamba for shopaholics. You’ll be able to buy a variety of things at the lowest possible rates. Think Kangra paintings, special Kangra tea, and a host of organic things. There are scores of shops lined up across the region where you can buy jewelry, the iconic Chamba district slippers, metal artifacts, and even precious stones. This deceptively plain region is where all the action in the Chamba district takes place. Thereby, do ensure to include a visit to Chaugan in your itinerary of the best places to visit in Chamba.

Best time to visit Chamba: For those accustomed to the cold weather and don’t mind snow, the best time to visit Chamba between December and February. July is when the monsoon will begin and you should avoid visiting this time if you have plans to sightsee in Chamba. The rainfall will make it difficult for you to explore most of the places to visit in Chamba. Between the months of March and June is the ideal time to visit Chamba if you wish to sightsee in moderately pleasant weather. It’s the best time to book a ticket from the USA to India for a Chamba trip. You can check out all the spectacular places to visit in Chamba without worrying about extreme weather wreaking havoc on your plans.

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