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Black Fungus

Black Fungus: What Causes it? How to Prevent it?

Black fungus, like a fungal infection, more so a deadly and dangerous fungal infection has been in existence for a long. Black Fungus is also known as Mucormycosis, it has been identified as a very complicated and rare fungal infection.

This infection usually attacks our body around the nose, mouth, and most eyes. It usually reduces the chances of one’s body being able to fight back any kind of infection, which means that it lowers the immunity level of the person who is affected by it.

Even though Black Fungus has been found by health experts for a long time, it was never a serious problem as it was very rare to be found.  However recently there has been a surge of Black Fungus cases in the country almost every day.

Major cities like Delhi, Mumbai as well as other metropolitan cities have seen a rapid increase of Black Fungus infected people in a couple of months than it has seen in the past 5 years.

Usually, Black Fungus cannot be cured as it spreads miraculously fast and attacks your brain, blood vessels, in no time. Therefore in most cases, the patient is advised to undergo surgery for removal of the part affected by the fungus. And later take antifungal therapy for almost 4 weeks.

What Causes Black Fungus?

As mentioned earlier Black Fungus has been affecting people for quite some time and there can be multiple reasons for that. In the past, the main reason for black fungus was the consumption of materials that is under attack by certain fungus or because of being in contact with surfaces that contain fungus.

Some also get affected due to gardening as the soil may contain harmful fungus. This fungus might attack the body as well as the dust can be equally harmful.

However, all these reasons weren’t enough for multiple people to suffer from this infection. The main cause that the black fungus has increased rapidly is because of the steroids and the antibiotics that are being used to treat and cure COVID-19 patients.

These steroids have been overused to help curb COVID symptoms. However, they have their own side effects which include, lessening the body’s ability to fight or protect itself from any fungal infection.

Steroids have also been known to damaged tissues. COVID patients who have high blood sugar levels for diabetes are very much prone to suffer from Black Fungus while being COVID positive or even after getting cured.

How to Prevent Being Endangered by Black Fungus?

Black Fungus is an infection that can be easily prevented by taking some very basic yet important measures. Starting with the basics, be careful while being with surfaces like soil while gardening or in areas that are very dusty.

Stay away from construction sites where you find a huge amount of dust. One must use a face mask, gloves, and full clothes to avoid any contact with possible fungus present there.

COVID patients stand first in line when it comes to people who are endangered by Black Fungus. Therefore if you want to stay away from it then avoid being COVID positive at any cost.

That can be easily done if you maintain your personal hygiene, starting by washing hands at regular intervals. Wearing masks and avoiding touching your face.

Also controlling your blood sugar level can save you from Black Fungus to a large extent. Many have suggested that the covid patients, who have been cured, should maintain regular proper hygiene like washing their masks regularly as well as taking proper care with their steroids.

They should be extra careful not to misuse any steroids. Taking the right doses at proper timings is extremely necessary and important to avoid this.

COVID patients should also have their hyperglycemia, blood glucose level monitored and controlled. All in all a balanced diet, proper exercise, and care can keep you healthy. It will keep your immunity strong and save you from Black Fungus and other diseases.

Black Fungus is indeed a very dangerous and deadly infection with a very high mortality rate.  Most of the affected people suffer tremendously due to it.

Nonetheless, it can be controlled and prevented. Therefore make sure to avoid it at every possible juncture and take proper precautions to be far away from Black Fungus and COVID-19.

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