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Car Accessories

Best Car Accessories in 2020

A little tech superiority always helps in easily getting to the destination. There are plenty of things that we need on our trip. You cannot just pullover every time someone calls you on the phone or if you are looking for directions to which way to turn next. Even if it’s not already installed in your car, you use your phone’s GPS for that. In scenarios like these, it is best to have gadgets and accessories that prevent you from unnecessarily de-boarding your vehicle and make your ride seamless.

And it is not just about hassle-free and comfortable rides. Whether you are traveling alone or with the family, it is best to have some gadgets that serve you efficiently if got stuck in a compromised situation.  From cutting the journey time to personal safety and well-being, it is good to have some car accessories that help you on your ride.

Here is the list of helpful accessories that can make your ride into a paradise on wheels. 

Mirror Dash Camera

Mirror Dash Camera

On any road trip, it is essential that you feel safe during your journey. A mirror dash cam helps significantly in reducing the unnecessary stress in the back of our mind. And it is not all about the journey; it also helps in capturing the fun moments in the form of photos and videos of your friends and family.

Also, at times of accidents and other unfortunate events, it becomes comparatively easier for you to provide evidence to law enforcement and insurance companies.

Mirror Dash Camera offers both front view and rear view footages in 1080p and 720p, respectively. These are easy to install and use the gadget.  


You can only control your vehicle on the road and not the others. Even though you trust your driving skills, you can never trust the driving skills of other drivers on the road. You never know if the other driver is drunk or sleepy. The bottom line is that that no matter how prepared you are, you can never vouch for others driving, and thus accident happens.

Although the thought of an accident is terrifying, you don’t want to get trapped in a disabled car. AutoXscape is made of military-grade aluminum car tool that allows you to cut through seat bills and break windows. It also contains an emergency flashlight, which helps significantly in such adverse situations.  

Smart Tire Safety Monitor

You must check the pressure in the tires of our vehicle on a timely basis. Because of the daily hustle of life, people hardly notice the pressure in their car’s tires. Unless it is visible enough to point out, people only tend to maintain their tire pressure at the time of car servicing. Not only it affects the overall performance of the vehicle, but it can easily put you in an unfortunate situation. 

With Smart Tire Safety Monitor, you can easily check the pressure in your tires in real-time on a smartphone. It works amazingly in detecting slow leaks before something terrible happens. Some Smart Tire safety systems are also equipped with the anti-theft system and some are also equipped with a built-in USB port for charging other devices.   

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Car Vacuum Cleaner

Keeping your car neat and tidy is not an easy job to pull off, especially on long journeys. A portable vacuum cleaner like Armor All 12V Car Vacuum helps significantly in keeping the hygiene of your vehicle. When you’re traveling with your family and kids, all the debris made up of food and snacks slipped-off your kid’s hands accumulate at the corners of your car’s floor. This light-weight and the small-sized device is a much needed handy device that can easily pick both wet and dry debris. 

It is specially designed for a car and comes with a crevice tool that works great to clean the far corners under the seat that cannot be easily accessed. Also, its LED light helps you for easy night use.    

Multiple Port USB Car Charger

Multiple Port USB Car Charger

A USB car charger is an essential accessory on a car journey. It helps you to charge your phone on the go, without the hassle of charging it thoroughly every time you leave for some distant place. Well, you can easily find USB chargers of different Ampere ratings and specifications.

A USB charger with at least two ports and charging capability of 2.4A is a good one to have.

Car Jump Starter

Imagine you are prepared for the office, but as soon as you get in your car, it just doesn’t start. Now, all your excitement has been ruined and turned into annoyance. In cases like these, you don’t necessarily need to call a tow truck service or wait on the roadside for the help.

You can use a car jump starter that lumps your vehicle up to many times on a single charge. The present-day jump starters can also charge other accessories. From smartphones, tablets to cameras, and wireless headphones, it can easily charge all your portable devices.  

Conclusion The bottom line is you can choose from a variety of accessories available in the market. You must know what kind of essential accessories you need for your car. For example, if you plan to go offroading, it is best to install robust suspension like 4WD suspension Toowoomba for smooth and comfortable rides. Equipped with the latest features, the above list of car accessories will help you in a seamless and safe ride.

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