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Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

These days a lot of people are taking to the internet to follow their passion by writing blogs, sharing knowledge, and selling handicrafts. But not all have the budget required to run a website or blog page smoothly. 

For this reason, only, they look for a cheaper or freeway, a Shared Web Hosting.

What is Shared Web Hosting?

Shared Web Hosting is nothing but web hosting where a single physical server hosts many websites. It’s way cheaper and each user gets a part of the server. 

They get access to separate databases, email addresses, disk space, FTTP, etc.

Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

There are many advantages of using shared web hosting over a dedicated server.

  • Low Cost

The first and foremost advantage of shared web hosting is, it’s very cheap. As a shared server hosts multiple websites, the overall costs get lower. 

Hence the cheap price. Sometimes some servers provide free shared hosting as well as WordPress. You could use their server and templates to create your own blog for free.

  • Flexibility

Nowadays, the shared hosts provide dedicated service as well. A person could start a website in a shared host and later can switch to a fully paid dedicated server as per his or her budget. 

This flexibility is another great advantage of shared web hosting.

  • Ease of Use

Shared web hosting is pretty straightforward with its access and settings. The user interface is very simple and easy to use most of the time. 

The settings and administrative works can be done through a control panel provided by the host.

  • Ability to Host Multiple Domains

One of the good things about shared hosting is you can use as many sites as you want. Just make sure you buy them and utilize them properly. 

And yes, connect them to each other for a  far better service. For example, a person might have many hobbies and he or she can describe and write about each hobby on different websites under the same shared web host.

  • Professional Support Team

When you own a private server, you will have to do all the necessary maintenance work to keep the server running that includes clearing cache, cookies, restarting the server regularly. 

These are pretty time-consuming and tiresome work. In the case of shared web hosting though, they have their own professional management team to take care of these mundane works so that you can concentrate on being your best with your website. 

Even in case of an upgrade of server or software or hardware you will receive professional technical assistance over the phone or chat.

  • Dynamic Website Hosting

Even you could run Dynamic Websites in shared web hosting. Dynamic Websites are those websites that change with the viewers. 

The program studies the activities of the user and changes the interface accordingly for a better experience. These programs are written with coding languages like Perl, PHP, or Python which can work easily in a shared web host.


Despite Shared hosting being one of the best options for beginners, it has issues when it comes to security. Due to multiple users, the security might get compromised.  At the same time speed, performance, maintenance time, need to be considered as well. Since it’s cheaper, most people prefer shared hosting over dedicated servers.

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