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Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Marriage is the reunion between two individuals who understand each other, love, and respect each other. Marriages have been prevalent for years. 

It is considered a prime event in one’s life when one meets their partner and completes their other half. However marriage is more than a ceremony, it is a lifelong partnership of trust and faith. 

The two people who are involved should be aware and confident about their choices. In the past only arranged marriages existed where parents of young individuals chose for their son or daughters and got them married. 

There were some love marriages but they faced extreme criticism, some of which also turned violent. However, times have changed and now love marriages have become a common deal. 

Many young individuals choose their partner irrespective of caste, religion, creed, gender. Even though love marriages have increased over time there is still a lot of criticism that exists about them.

Especially if the partner is different from the expectation of their parents. However legally now any 2 adult individuals can marry each other without interference from anybody. 

They are legally protected from any violent consequences. Love marriages have plenty of advantages, but everything good also has some bad. 

Similarly, love marriages have their own advantages and disadvantages and here we mention some of them.

Advantages of Love Marriage

Following are the advantages of love marriages:

  • Freedom of choice 

The most important advantage of love marriage is freedom, to choose your partner without any restriction. 

In a love marriage, one can choose their partner without any restriction. You get to know about your partner prior to marrying them. Understand their qualities, habits. 

You learn to trust them and love them without any time barrier. In this way, you become sure about your decision to marry the person you love. 

And when you choose the person you believe is perfect for you, there is a high chance that the marriage will work.

  • You stay familiar     

Another advantage of love marriage is the familiarity with your partner. Unlike arranged marriages you know your partner really well when it comes to love marriages. 

Mutual understanding, love, faith, and trust help them to grow as a couple as well as individuals. You are familiar with everything about your partner, you accept the bad and appreciate the good.

Therefore there are no lies hidden that might affect your marriage lives. However, in arranged marriages, there can be many things you are not familiar with and it can lead to conflict after marriage.

  • Plan together    

In a love marriage, you have common interests and you are also aware of each other’s interests and therefore you can do things together. In love marriages there is passion and even though there are risk factors they tend to enjoy more than thinking about their potential breakouts. 

They appreciate each other’s interests and push them to do better and also enjoy their common interests together. Be it traveling, or sports, anything they both love, they tend to do together. Even after their busy lives, they tend to spend time with each other.

  • No compromise  

In love marriages, there is also no room for any dowry or other kind of adjustment between the partners and their families. As the two people have themselves made the decision to get married and live on their own. 

There should be no talk about dowry or forced gifts that the bride’s family should be asked to give. The individual also tries their best to make their own ends meet without any help from their parents.

  • Mutual Respect 

One of the biggest advantages of a love marriage is that both the partners respect each other and therefore there is a better chance of them being together forever. 

Their children also grow out to be well-mannered as they see how their parents are to each other. Therefore they learn the same. They grow in an environment of love, belonging, and respect.

Disadvantages of Love Marriage

Following are the disadvantages of love marriages:

  • Unnecessary Rush   

The biggest disadvantage of love marriage is that it can often be rushed into. Many people, when they fall in love, tend to get very excited about the idea of getting married and having a family.  

Therefore they rush into blindly thinking they are compatible and in love. However when they rush into things like this they often turn disastrous as they get to know about each other after marriage which they might not like. That in turn leads to fights and conflicts.

  • Greater responsibility  

Another disadvantage of love marriage is that it comes with greater responsibility than arranged marriages. As many times parents do not support their children in love marriages. 

Therefore they are left alone to make ends meet financially. They don’t have the support of someone when they enter married life which can make it very hard for them to adjust financially as well as mentally.

  • The fear    

The freedom in love marriage comes with great fear, many people fear that their choice might not be the best and it creates anxiety. After marriage, if there is anything that bothers them, they tend to keep it to themselves.  

They never ask for help as they think that they will be blamed for their decision. Many people in toxic love marriages also think that they deserve the abuse as it was their decision to get married in the first place. 

This societal and family pressure that comes after getting into a love marriage is definitely a big disadvantage.

  • Communal disbeliefs  

Love marriages are often inter-religious or inter-caste. At first, it might not look very problematic as they tend to respect and love each other and their origins. 

However, with time when they get close to each other, it might cause discomfort. Especially if one of the two is more religious than the other. It might cause conflicts and arguments and failure in adjustment within them.

Even though love marriages are considered much better than arranged marriages, it has its own loopholes too. With great advantages comes some disadvantages and above are just some of the many. 

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