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A Textationship Explained

Ninety percent of our relationships today begin with this form of relationship. A textationship is simply a relationship we have that centers on texting, sexting, and all things chatting. It is the kind of relationship that embraces more phone communication than physical meetups.

Even as you seek out babes at a Ukraine dating service, chances of physically meeting are slim at the beginning. This is because you are likely to spend more time chatting, texting, instant messaging, and video chatting at first. These forms of communication are by no means bad. They do, however, remove the elements of a face-to-face meetup.

Thus, as you spend more time on your phone chatting away, perhaps you should ask why it happens that way. Could it be that there are underlying reasons for not wanting to meet physically?

Basis of a Textationship

There are a few reasons someone might prefer being in a textationship to a physical relationship. Some of these reasons include:

  • Not being ready to meet someone is a surefire reason for preferring a textationship. Some people would rather avoid physical meetups due to shyness, or they are just not ready to commit. The textationship can thus continue for an undisclosed length of time. It takes longer for someone to realize they are avoiding people too and they may lose out on real love too.
  • Some couples spend too much time apart, making it normal to be in this form of relationship. After a while, it might become normal, but things can become awkward when they finally meet. Textationships may not be all bad or based on physical avoidance. They can be inevitable at times.

Challenges of a Textationship

No real benefit comes from a textationship. There is also the likelihood that one partner would prefer physical meetups at some point. If the other party insists on remaining in a textationship their union could be doomed.

Textationships also play with the mind. If one partner prefers meetups, they may be wondering why they aren’t meeting. Ending a textationship works for the best, unless there is mutuality in this form of union continuing. Whatever the case, it will lead to less physical contact and more superficiality.

With that being the case, such unions avoid tone, body language, true reactions, and thus, true responses. If you cannot see the other person’s reaction as you lay down your demands or circumstances, it is hard to know how they feel. Having physical connections is the basis of true relationships. It is how older generations managed to maintain legitimate relationships in the past.

Textationships vis-a-vis Physical Relationships

  • Physical relationships allow you to show affection with public displays of affection, be it holding hands or kissing. It is the essence of true love and a true expression of feelings. Textationships rely on emojis, some flirty texts, and superficial responses.
  • Textationships offer people a chance to reply much later. Excuses can be made on why it took long, but we all know it’s about finding the right answers. Physical relationships and meetings give you less time to think, especially when you are scared to answer. There is authenticity in physical meetups.
  • Textationships might involve more than one person at any given time. A partner might be consulting a friend while chatting with you – to get responses. A real meeting requires total concentration and only you can come up with answers.

Bottom Line

Examine if your relationship has left the textationship stage yet, or if you are still avoiding physical meetings. Whatever the reason behind your textationship, consider moving forward and transitioning to a real-world relationship. Many have tried it and they lived happily ever after.

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