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A Complete Guide to Choose Color For Wood Floors

A Complete Guide to Choose Color For Wood Floors

Wood floors have always been in trend and they will be in the future too. There are many things in wood floorings that attract people all over the world such as easy installations, easy maintenance, and affordability. But the main highlight with wood floorings is the variety of patterns and colors they are available in. Since these are available in a large variety, it becomes quite difficult to decide what option to choose. There are many beautiful colors available in the market that will leave you mesmerized. Also, the best Dallas flooring companies suggest that there are many factors involved while choosing the best color for your wooden floors.  No one would want to mess up their flooring by choosing a bad option for their floorings. So here’s a complete guide for choosing the color that is best for your floorings.

Where to start in choosing floor colors?

When you sit to finally research your problem of choosing the floor color you don’t know where to start so you end up making a mess out of it. Well, the solution is simple, start with what you have. You should know what type of person are you or what are your likings.

  • Consider your present aesthetic:  Picking up a color that matches your aesthetic will shortlist the options you’re going to have on your wood floors. The color of your aesthetic will match the overall vibe of your precious house and will give it a clean look.
  • Your personality will define your home: your personality will always reflect what color you will end up choosing for anything. People who believe in living a very simple life choose a light color for their floors and the people who thin often think of the future, always pickup a classic color like brown. So, it is important to know what type you are, if you figure this out then you don’t have to worry about other points.

Pick a style that matches your existing pattern

You already have a pattern of colors all around your house, the color of the walls, the color of cabinets, furniture rugs, and even appliances you have will help you in deciding what color floors you should get. Once you figure out what color palette you have in your house you are good to go for purchasing the best option for your wooden floorings.

But you must be aware that, it is not necessary that you have to choose the same color as that of your walls or furniture. Always choose what goes with the surroundings, don’t match the exact colors because choosing the exact color as that of your cabinet or anything else will make the room look boring and flat. You should always choose colors that come in pairs. Some of the prominent examples of follower pairs can be black-white and peach-brown.

Is It Okay to choose a dark color?

Most of the time when choosing a color for floors, people go straight away with dark color as it matches with mostly everything. This is one of the biggest mistakes while choosing floor colors. Yes, dark colors can suit everything and can also go with your color palette but one thing all dark colors do is that they make the room look smaller. You don’t feel space in there. If we talk in long term, the dark color emits very warm vibes and can be the source of negativity.

Trendy Colours vs Elegant Colours

There’s always a debate between the trendy options and the timeless color options available for floorings in the market. Well, overall it affects the resale value of your house.

If you want to sell your house in near future then you should consider going for trendy options of colors. These are usually the ones that bring a lot of energy and happiness to the house. Also, floor trends do change every once or twice in a decade so if you go for trendy options, you might be in trend for a long time.

Whereas if you for classic colors for the floors you will likely be in trend for maybe a lifetime. If you a minimalist sort of person, or if you are making this investment of changing floor color as a one-time investment, then you should consider all the classic options of colors available in the market. Choosing the classic colors will surely add upto the resale value of the whole house in long term.

Some options of Colours

If you choose a trendy look then you should go with natural wood and black charcoal. Natural wood is something that has always been in trend, and black charcoal will go for you if you have light-colored walls, thus giving you a contrast-filled trendy look.

While, if you are on the classic side then you should choose light colors like European white oak, which emits great vibes and goes with almost everything. Also, choosing golden and grey shades will surely give you a warm feeling and your mind will be very calm. These colors have been in demand for a very long time and are not going off anytime. The houses with these colors also have a very good resale value.


There are a lot of factors to consider when you choose a color of wooden floorings but to make it easy you always have to observe what is around you. Who are you and what you like plays a major role in determining what your vibe is and what your floors should look like for home improvement? Remember that the only opinion of someone that matters is you because you are the only one who would live in your precious house and so, being happy with your choice must be a priority.

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