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Apex Legends tips and tricks

9 Must-Know Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

Among the top battle royale games globally, Apex Legends deserves a special mention. With a huge player base, this game continues to set the standards for the battle royale genre. This is a highly competitive and team-based game for which you would need gameplay skills and tactical ideas. The popularity of Apex Legends has led to a significant rise in the competition levels, as there are many pro players out there. Here are quite a few tips and tricks that every Apex Legends player must know:

Apex legends must know tips and tricks

1.   Be aggressive

While you might want to battle carefully by jumping out to spray the enemies with bullets and taking cover quickly to reload, that isn’t the best approach. In Apex Legends, it is better to play in an aggressive style. Try to close the game with the enemy as you fight, using the right weapons for the exemplary scenario. 

2.   Use cheats

As mentioned earlier, playing in an aggressive fashion is crucial if you wish to secure a victory in Apex Legends. Now, even for skilled players, it can often be challenging to target and shoot properly while trying to push forward without getting themselves killed. An Apex Legends cheat with features like aimbot, wallhack, and radar hack would help you get around this problem.

3.   Share extra weapons

In case a squadmate revives at a revive station, he or she would not have any weapon. In such a scenario, you should consider giving them any spare weapon that you may have, even if it is just a pistol. It is way more practical to have a weapon in hand and ready to use than to keep it in the inventory while the team has unarmed members.

4.   Don’t fall back when wounded

It is natural to instinctively fall back and seek cover when you get wounded. However, this would only give the enemy the incentive to keep pushing you back. It is far better to take a risk and fight back hard, potentially breaking the enemies’ shields to make them back off. You may also consider using healing items to recover while you take a stand.

5.   Utilize the red balloons

You must have noticed the red colored giant balloons positioned at strategic points around the canyon. While these balloons may seem decorative, they serve an important purpose. You may zipline to the top of the balloons to activate your jetpack. This would enable you to fly and reach relatively farther locations with ease. You would also gain a tactical advantage in staying ahead of the circle. 

6.   Let your enemies bleed

You would want to kill your enemies as fast as possible, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. When you knock down a player, you may leave him to bleed to death instead of killing him instantly. In most cases, their squadmates would step in to revive them and, in turn, suffer a setback. It would also allow you and your team to take out a player trying to revive the downed enemy. Hence, you might want to choose tactically and decide to refrain from killing the enemy immediately. 

7.   Take up strategic positions

Positioning yourself well is highly crucial in this game. Ideally, a good position should give you an advantage over the enemy, an escape route if something goes wrong and several spots to take cover. Legends that have team repositioning abilities can carry out the necessary analysis, and find the best combat positions. While flaking an enemy, make sure to maintain distance and take cover so that the enemy cannot take you out when your squad gets split up.

8.   Remember that there is no fall damage

In most games, there is a fall damage factor to consider. This means that you would lose some health if you fall from high places. However, this is not the case in the Apex Legends, which means that there is no need to waste time finding your way down from cliffs. You can run straight to your destination, even if it means that you would have to drop from a height if you do not change direction.

9.   Be careful while looting

While it is tempting to grab as much loot as you can, you should be careful. Do not take too long while looting and avoid staying still. Avoid going back for a second look, as every bit of delay can put you in the wrong spot. When you land on the map initially, focus on getting some weapons as fast as possible and be wary of other squads entering the same building. Make sure that every squad member has at least one weapon before you start arming yourself better.


These tips and tricks should see you through to victory in Apex Legends. Remember to be a team player because helping your squadmates would significantly increase your chances of winning. 

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