Monday , October 2 2023
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7 Sure Fire Facebook Advertising Tips that Can Help you Get Better ROI

Facebook may not be the first choice of the netizens, but that does not affect the ad revenues it has to offer. As per the business insiders, it has been proved that the ad revenue of Facebook will grow 4.9 % the current year to $31.43 billion.

It has been found that more than 300 million pictures and 50 million status updates are made daily on Facebook. It also boasts more than 50 million active business pages.  

Many marketers choose to use Facebook advertising over others because there are many good reasons to do so. 

Here are some of the tips that will tell you how the advertisers can get better returns by spending on ads.

7 Best Facebook Advertising Tips 

  • Choose to Make Creative Videos 

If you are not aware of the fact, then let us tell you that facebook has more than 8 million video views everyday. Choosing video format has become the easiest way to connect with people. 

No less we can say, it has become the native language of Facebook.There are millions of videos posted everyday and it has become quite difficult to stand out. 

Try to make creative videos that can make you look unique that the others. The marketers can choose to pull off a Windows 8 with Lenka’s oddball to add charm in everything. Try to be authentic and fresh as much as possible for your brand.

  • The Contents Should be Interesting

According to some research, it has been found that the videos that have runtime less than 20 seconds in facebook are viewed fully. The ones that are longer than that are usually ignored.

 If you have something more to say they try to bring in brevity.  The contents that you are posting should have some crisp so that the viewers do not get bored and the message is easily conveyed to them.

  • Use Facebook Analytics Tools

It is better to choose Facebook analytics tools to measure and optimize the performance of the Facebook ads of your brands. Remember that whatever is measured will turn into ROI. 

  • Try to be Less Formal with Ad Copy

The bigger brands have now understood the value of less formal ad copy. This is why they are breaking up with the traditions that they used to follow. 

When brands are too formal with the ad copies they make the response too jaded. It is better for the brands to make their own ad copy real and authentic so that the reader can connect easily. 

It is recommended to keep the language light and less formal.

  • Choose Casual Images

If you go through the internet you will find millions of images and videos in stock. Users often get irritated and if they had a chance they would burn them to cinders.

In case, if you are having a tight budget then instead of using the stocked images, prefer to hire amateur photographers who can provide you with some fresh and new pictures. 

It will help your brand to be fresh and breathe freely.

  • Prefer Using Emojis and Reels

Emojis and reels are a new way to connect with your viewers. They are indeed super fun and quirky. The ones who are too serious like to play around with these. 

Try to take advantage of this feature and maintain a good judgment based on the contents you would be sharing. 

Make sure that you offer a clear tone of your brand’s voice to the viewers. Besides that, you may prefer to seek help from brand voice experts as well that you have in your local Facebook ad agency.

  • Go for Geo-Targeting 

Brands often do not bother to know the importance that geo-targeting comes with. It helps in serving the marketers and advertisers well reminding them that the audience is always global in this digital era. Geo-targeting can be your friend in this case.  We hope that after reading the above tips you have understood the ways you can get better returns by spending on Facebook ads. You may prefer to seek help from your local Facebook advertising agency as well so that your Facebook ads can be optimized more effectively.

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