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7 Best Gifts for Your Partner for Different Occasions

7 Best Gifts for Your Partner for Different Occasions

“The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.”

Having said that, we just cannot ignore the importance of gifting as a gesture in a romantic relationship. Can we? When you need to speak of your love or unsaid beautiful feelings for your partner, we bet, you look forward to finding some of the best possible gifts to express them over with. As every special occasion/festival give us a reason to celebrate along with our partners, we need to sort out some valentine gifts, anniversary gifts and birthday gifts beforehand. So that we can start and complete our gift shopping for your darling partner, well on time. Here’s a list of some of the best gifts for your partner to pamper with on various special occasions to let him/her know how much you care or adore that person. Take some cues and start your shopping, right away!

  1. Personalised Gifts – Gift something that will be cherished by your loving partner in the following years to come. Hence gift something like personalised gifts like a personalised photo frame, personalised coffee mug/ bottle, personalised bar/ travel accessories that will be engraved or printed with your unconditional love. Your partner will be able to use these gifts as well as will be reminded of your sweet love. 
  2. Cakes/ Cupcakes – Can you imagine any special occasion without some cakes/cupcakes to celebrate over with? We can’t! Which is why we would suggest you pamper your partner with scrumptiously baked cakes and cupcakes to turn up the joy of celebrations. You can choose cakes/cupcakes of any flavour and kind, be it some chocolate cake, blueberry cupcakes, vegan cakes, eggless cakes, designer cakes or even fondant cupcakes. 
  3. Plant – Leave a forever mark in your partner’s heart as you choose to pamper him/her with some healthy and hearty plants. Plants make a long-lasting gift which is cherished by all. As every plant blesses you with some or other blissful properties, you can choose them accordingly with which quality you wish to pamper your partner. It could be some Feng Shui/Vastu plant or an air-purifying plant or a cutesy Bonsai plant – the choice is yours. You can even gift them some low-maintenance plants if they won’t be able to care for it much.  If you’re in a rush, try to look for florists who offer same day flower delivery.
  4. Flowers – Flowers have this innate tendency to make someone’s heart melt into tears with its mesmerising appeal and natural aroma. Also, every flower has a separate set of symbolism which makes the act of gifting flowers even more special in the eyes of the recipient. You can gift a bouquet of roses, carnations, gerberas, orchids or some other flowers to your partner to make him/her skip a beat.
  5. Grooming/Skincare Essentials – Whoever said grooming or taking care of their skin was something feminine was to gender bias. Maintaining a proper grooming/skincare regime is much needed by men and women alike. And for that, one needs to have some quality grooming/skincare products. That is the reason why we would suggest to you gift your partner – some quality grooming/ skincare products – which will surely reflect how much you care for them. 
  6. Scented Candles – Nothing seems to be more romantic than lighting up some scented candles to spark up the flames of love. Scented candles help one to calm down and enjoy some quality, peaceful time, away from the chaotic personal/professional life to someplace Zen exists. You can look for some lavender, rose, jasmine, sandalwood scented candle set to surprise your partner with on various occasions. There are many options for the same over the websites, that you may like to check. 
  7. Comfy Pyjama Set – Love is what makes you feel comfortable or in your safe, happy place. Isn’t it? Which is why you can gift a comfy pair of pyjama top-bottom to ensure that your partner is comfy-chic, both at the same time. You can shop for cotton or even satin pyjama sets for your baby boo at some reputed online apparel store or even offline one. 

So, what’s your pick gonna be for your darling partner on various D-Days of his/her life?

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